Book of the week ​: I feel bad about my neck and other thoughts about being a woman

Most of the time, great books finds me more then I find them.

Sometimes, they find me ahead of time, when I’m not entirely ready to read them. A great example would be the excellent The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton. How do I know its an excellent book if I haven’t read it yet, yet again that its a perfect book for me, you ask?

Well, because in this novel, everything is there to love! Well, for me to love anyway. Goldrush in New Zealand in the 1860′, murder and mystery, now we’re talkin’!

Fateful books

Sometimes though, thrown my way by this mysterious blow of fate, books find me at the right time. That’s what happened with this book by Nora Ephron.

I swear, I’ve been trying to remember how this non-fiction book, written by a filmmaker I otherwise adored heart&soul, in short, how I came to buy this book at the end.

It was through writing research, for sure. I spent way too much time doing writing research. Its not good to constantly researching, since it slow the writing down; plus, its sparks many story ideas.

Now you might think I’m a heartless reader when you hear what I’m about to tell you, but I will be brave.

What I like the most about non-fiction is the freedom it gives me as a reader; by freedom, I mean the freedom to skip a chapter or two without feeling a smidgen of guilt.

I feel bad about my neck and other things

After reading that book, I stopped thinking me and Nora could have written a movie together.

Her writing is quick, witty, yet thoughtful, more so, soulful. Her love of New-York makes you want to drop everything and move there. Well, move in her beautiful apartment in the East side anyway.

I did skip some chapters, since I already knew I would go back to the book in one, five, ten years.

I feel bad about my neck, by Nora Ephron, is a must have in the Want-to-read pile

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