Diary of a new writing project. Day 22: creeping​ stress

What kills creativity?

This week word count goal: 22 500 words
Word count so far: 13 690 words

What kills creativity? I guess it’s different for every author.

Self-doubt is a good one. Procrastination. Lack of courage. Pessimism. Parents.

For me, when I can’t shake the full-time job stress away, all day all night, that’s what kills my creativity.
All my efforts to focus on creative writing are being overpowered by a feeling of guilt and a feeling of being a massive failure.
 » Creative writing is not paying the bills, » a little voice is constantly whispering at the back of my mind.  » Paying the bills matters more. Now is the time to work harder, not to indulge in childish dreams. »

Darn, it’s hard to make that little voice shut up for two hours.
Two hours is all I’m asking. Two peaceful hours during which I wanna feel happy doing the only thing I feel, in all humbleness, really confident about: writing novels.

Long story short, today, writing is not happening. I can’t focus for more than ten minutes on writing. And what I write feels like crap.
This new writing project still needs un petit je ne sais quoi to really stand out.

I am writing a YA paranormal/comedy/90s nostalgia novel and I am in luck since the paranormal genre is making a comeback. But I am also competing with a whole bunch of writers, brilliant ones too no doubt.

Gotta stay sharp, positive, grateful for being able to write, even if it’s just a little bit…
Tomorrow. I’ll do all that tomorrow.

Now, I need to watch some of Bob Ross painting shows.

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Until next time, dear writer friend!

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