Diary of a writing project. Day 39: the ​first act key points

This week word count goal: 32 500 words
Word count goal so far: 22 442 words

And suddenly, I had to remind myself I was also writing a Romance. Sort of. This book is walking on many genres lines.
While I find it really fun to play around with the rules within the genres, I still need to focus on plot points.

The first act is nearly complete (yé!), and I want every key scenes to hit at the right moment.

  • Hook is a done deal, waiting for revision and critique and beta-readers.
  • Inciting incident, oh heck yeah I got it! It’s one of the first scene I wrote – yeah, turns out I wrote the middle first.
  • The key incident is dealt with as well. All though, it might not be strong enough…

After assessing that, I had to take a step back and make some major choices. I can’t kill any of the characters, because they’re all at the core of the internal dilemma of the main character. She is being nice and friendly and happy-to-help with a big bunch of people.
She’s willing to make her life miserable in order to remain popular at her school, even if she does see it… yet.
But I sure can downgrade some of them.

It’s hard to find the right balance, but I’m getting around it. Slowly but surely.

Again and again, thank you for reading. Please follow the blog and keep in touch!

Until next time, dear writer friends!

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