Diary of a writing project. Day 74-75-76:​ Early gathering

early gathering happens in a lot of family's, for many reasons often truly known by none!

This week word count goal: 55 000 words

Day 74: Cooking smell
Wordcount so far: 41 901 words

Hubby-to-be said he wanted to bottle them.

Pre-Holiday cooking smells that is.

Early family gathering calls for yummy foods and many treats. I’m really happy to have people come over for the week-end.

There’s probably too much food, and I feel a bit ridiculous: I always cook too much food.

What is also ridiculous is spending time and planning and cooking, and not stop before I’m exhausted and don’t to do nothing else then read and sleep.

Which is what I’m going to do now!

Day 75: Floor needs sweeping
Wordcount so far: 41 933 words

Barely ant writing done today, because… house chores.

Why the floor I cleaned this morning needs sweeping again?

Better not ask and just, you know, sweep away, and with it, all my writing motivation…

I hope I’ll overcome this flunky mood soon…

Day 76: Coming over
Word count so far: 41 970 words


People will be here tomorrow.

It means, I’m 24 hours away from being able to goi back to normal.

In other words, let the mess sit overnight while I climb under my big winter duvet and write (or, if you’ve been reading November and December 2019 posts, try to write)!

Having family over is great. Adults talk. Adults laugh. Kids play together.

… and I hide in the kitchen, choping, making a salad dressing, cleaning a glass so the kids can all have the same glass, until I have absolutely no choice but to go sit with everyone and make small talk for two minutes. Fortunately, there’s always something in the oven or on the stove.

Because, as much as I like having people over and cooking and making sure everybody is getting fed, now, for me, a crowd of more than four persons is a lot to handle.

As much as I love Christmas, I now dread the gathering with my own family. I can’t deal no more with so many human beings talking politics or talking sports or talking about the same things yet again.

I will gather my strength tonight and call it a night.

Thank you so much for reading, dear writer friends.

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