Diary of a writing project. Day 113​: dear book market

writing to the market might seems to be a good answer for writers who wants to make it but its a recipe to get even more disappointed and baffled when the novel is rejected

These days, sometimes when I’m writing, constantly when I’m revising or editing, I’ll listen to some podcast about writing and the book industry.

It helps me keep my high hopes in check.

When editing, it’s the best. It’s easier to edit when you’re listening to professionals’ advice or listen about how many revisions a book got through even before being sent to a literary agent, let alone a publisher.

Should you write to the market is always a big topic among those kinds of shows.
Back when I was studying literature in college and working as a bookshop clerc to pay the rent, I remember thinking while putting the best-sellers on the shelves « why don’t I write cheesy romances and be done with it?« . It seems so simple, easy…
How naive, how cocky of me!

I soon learned that writing a novel, any kind of novel, is never easy.

Writing for the market is not the answer.

Writing for an audience you love and you get is what matters.
Writing an original, well-paced, well-told story never hurt either.

Can’t help but wonder thought, especially with the MG writing project, if it’s gonna be well received.

At it’s core, it’s a fantasy novel… with some tweaks.

In this final editing tour, I’m making the story almost dance to the story-beats. It is as close to a « commercial » book this novel can get without losing what makes it, in my very humble opinion, unique.

But is it really unique? Is this just in my brain? Am I wasting writing time on this project when I could be working on other writing projects?

With those forever questions in mind, dear writers, I wish happy writing, happy questioning, happy sleeping’ !

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