Diary of a Writing Project. Day 155: One Saturday​ morning thoughts about self-publishing

Must admit, so far, marketing and publishing the book stresses me way, way more than writing the actual novel.
Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Saturday early morning « mummy » wake up call’s are the best.

Really, really.

For on Saturday, it’s off with stay-at-home / work-from-home mom things to do. Hubby-to-be is taking on the said things, so I can do writing-related business.

A.K.A this morning, research and marketing in order to succeed, even so slightly, at self-publishing a romantic comedy for adult readers.

So many things to think about when self-publishing

Deciding to self-published is quite exciting, but also very stressful. There are so many things to think about. Aside from writing.

Must admit, so far, marketing and publishing the book stresses me way, way more than writing the actual novel.

Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

I should be worrying about writing the best rom-com novel I can write.

I should be re-reading my favorite rom-com, and read new ones, and think about beautiful landscapes, beautiful food, and beautiful cookies scenes, as author Jessica Williamson calls them.

For sure, I should be writing that dang future mega super incredible best-sellers instead of worrying about marketing, keywords and other launch campaigns.

The tricky part for me is my very profound dislike of the little life-time suckers also calls the Socials media.

Socials media are awaking my socials anxieties. I’m a awkward mama, on my best days

From what I gathered, an new author don’t have to be on every Socials. But.

But a new author, well, an author, period, should curate at least three Social. Knowing myself and my little stubborn brain

In my humble case, I have a Twitter account and… that’s it. I’m thinking about Instagram

Pinterest, on which I’m pretty active, is a search engine, like YouTube.

Yes, YouTube is all about sharing (sharing too much sometimes), and on Pinterest we can also follow people, etc… But it’s less in-the-moment than Instagram or Twitter.

Nevertheless, I’m going with those: Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube.

Making videos ain’t my cuppa of tea. But sharing trailers for the self-publish books, and maybe record sort of a short podcast featuring other self-publish authors, something like that, yes, absolutely.

The amount of work it entails on the other end… oh dreading, dreading, dreading so darn, darn, darn much.

Us, authors in 2020, we have to face the book market music.

There’s more books than EVER on the market right. More than a 500 new books are released each month in traditional publishing only, in the francophone world only.

Those traditionally published books, marketed by big publishing houses, are ALSO published on online stores like the dangerous titan, unavoidable Amazon.

For my book to have the slightest chance to be noticed, I have to do the work. I have to overcome my introverts fears, I have to create a new creative routine, a new work routine.

I have to go get myself a fresh cuppa of tea, have some breakfast and read the newspapers. And then, I’ll be fine. Everything will be fine.

Thanks so much for reading, writer friends. Stay tuned for more self-publishing adventures with this writer on a quest.

All the best for your writing projects !

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