Diary of a writing project. Day 205: So close​!

It seems sooo far.

But I’m so close to the end. So close!

What a difference!

That’s what I keep thinking this days.

What a difference between the first 20 000 words, flowing easily in what seems like no time, and those last 20 000 words.

Writing a novel is hard work but I said it before, I will say it again: writing during confinement, pandemic and all around bad news is rough.

But it’s do-able, and I’m doing it!

Only, slower and with thousands of questions, like how to market the book if the traditional publishers don’t make it, or barely (remember, I live in a small francophone bubble where writers have to submit directly to publishers, many of them publishing less then ten new authors a year), how to find a good editor, a good copy-proofing person… how to find the money to pay all these good people.

And how oh how would I ever sell the book if not on the virtual platform owned by a soul-less heart-less, too rich to be good for anyone human?

The paradox here: I bought many indie authors book on that platform!

If only writers were paid fairly, if only the rules were clear, and again, fairer.

Anyway, back to writing.

Because like I said, I’m so close to finishing the first draft. I’m re-writing some mid-story, very thoroughly outlined, chapters. It might seem like it’s easier to write, but when it comes to writing the fine details, I get lazy, if not sort of « bored ».
Not that what I’m writing is boring.
It’s more, I know that part, isn’t it clear enough, I want to move on!

Speaking of which, let’s just do that and get back to the writing project.

Dear fellow writers, thank you so so much for reading. Until the next rambling, may all the words be with you !!

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