A week of a Diary of a Writing Project: Finding The Words Through​ Harsh Weather

Monday, Day 237

Again, the almost routine will change.

Kiddo will go back to daycare. Next Monday.

Weird feelings. Of lost, mostly. But I know it’s an illusion, sort of. If I was to change my mind and become a stay-at-home-mom, without any kind of help available, I would grow bitter, resentful.

Also, daycare makes kiddo sooo happy. Playing with other kids, being in contact with other humans.

We’ll see… We will also see if I can write a word today!

Tuesday, Day 238

Wonderful start of the writing day!

Many words under the belt this early morning, some more this afternoon.

Aaand, I hit 75K words! Hooray for this mama writer.

Usually, I would wish to do the exact same thing tomorrow. But tomorrow, we’ll have to deal with the heatwave.

Thanks to Willis Haviland Carrier, and all the big G’s up there !! Nevertheless, the worst sides of my human being tend to bubble up when it’s hot outside.

With a good night of sleep, and a healthy dose of frozen yogurt, all shall be well!

Guys and gals, I hit 75K words today! I’m so happy to be able to share the joy with you all. Thanks for tagging along.

Wednesday, Day 239

I’ll tell you this much, fellow writers: I really thought today would be yet another wasted writing day.

It started out with a very cranky mama, woken up at 4:30 pm by a cranky kiddo, who had a troubled night.

Doors were slammed, I’m afraid. And some yelling occurred. Early morning writing session was wasted. To say the least.

But I cleaned the floors with some gusto. Played with kiddo.
And played some videogame for a little « me » time.

Then, writing went much better and, the cherry on the sundae, I reach my writing goal for the first time this week.

We are close, fellow writers !!! Close to the end of this first draft. The end of this writing project.

Exciting, exciting !

Thursday, Day 240

I had one beautiful moment today.

It lasted about seven minutes or so.

Late this morning. The outside world was quiet.

Kiddo was listening to a CD. And we snuggled on the couch, like we never, ever did before.

Just there, fellow writers, I thought: this is the happiest moment of my life. I need to fix this in my heart and soul. The sunlight on the pine tree, the wind swirling around in the branches. The weight of my growing-up baby against my arms.

Today ended up badly. But I refuse to cry about it. Or write about it.

I want to live in that moment, and leave the shitty end of today, the shitty days ahead.

Friday, Day 241

Clouds. Thunderstorm grumbling on the horizon.

May it rain and rumble; may it rain and thunderbolt. For there’s a storm in my heart that needs to dance too.

Shitty day it is. It started at 5 am and many hours later, it still going strong.

At least, it’s quiet now.

I’m in my cozy writing nook, so close to the AC unit I’m almost tempted to get a light blanket.

May 1st, it was snowing here. A month later, we’ve been enjoying 30 degree Celsius weather, with a humidex factor reaching up to 42 degree Celsius. In one word, it’s some sticky, sweaty weather I rather stay away from.

Daycare will start again on Monday, but somehow I feel like the daycare days are coming to an end.

If I can’t find a job that pays well enough, there’s no point for me to even work, for we’ll kinda lose the money to taxes. Does it make sense to you, writer friends?

I reckon I don’t have much time to find such a job. Two months, top. And it’s the summer. Oh, and there’s a pandemic too.

Thing is, in my little wanna-be traditionally-published OR might go indie author head, I have a job already.

I’m writing a novel, brainstorming two other projects. Heck, I’ve started to put together an aesthetic board for a book cover, I’m working on marketing plans and book launch strategies.

I know, I know, fellow writer: by definition, a job is a work you do in exchange of money.

I know.

Saturday, Day 242

Nothing beats waking up to the sound of the rain falling hard on the rooftop.

Sunday, Day 243

I’m stressed out. Daycare will start again tomorrow.

Funny thing, we’re not going back to the old routine. This is, without a doubt, a new reality we’re going to discover.

It’s not that things simply changed. Things are going to be completely new.

The daycare people have protocols to follow. Kids will not be taken care of the same way. They will not be able to play like before, nor be allowed to behave like before.

I don’t know what to expect, what to think, and how to make the new reality a fun, not too restrictive one for my kid.

One thing I do know however is: I have a hard focusing on even the idea of writing.

The guilty feeling is not strong enough to push me past the stress, past the things I cannot control.

Too bad for my weekly writing goal, but a very good thing for this mama writer moral.

Dear fellow writers, I hope you had a wonderful writing week, and I hope this week brings all the good words for you.

Stay safe, and until next time !

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