Weekly Writing Diary: Good old writing tips and hacks for the ​busy-bee authors!

A bunch of writing tips for working parents and stay at home parents to help find time to write, and make the best of the ever so few hours we parents can gather around to make our author ambitions come true

Monday, Day 51

Things change.

Finding time to write is always a challenge, whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a part-time remote employee like me, or a full-time busy professional.

The overall stress of day-to-day life, of the new « normal » (already tired of this expression), the nights often interrupted by some nightmares and other kiddo’s « but I’m thirsty » moments.

Now that it takes kiddo more time to fall asleep, both my naptime and evening writing sessions had not been as productive as they were.

As for the new day-job, well it’s new. The learning process is slow, giving that I’m working with people who seem to find it normal to take 35 minutes to find an Excel document on a computer…

*Grumble* *Grumble* *Grumble*

Nothing a good writing tip can’t fix though!

Here’s one that helped me get back to a good mood: reading a book I love from an author I admire and, let’s face it, wanna be friends with or gain as much success as.

It’s comforting, it’s uplifting. I love being able to immerse myself in the beloved words, even if it’s just for 10-15 minutes.

Tuesday, Day 52

Geez, 52 days in and I haven’t started to rough draft on the computer yet.

It’s good however, for this writing diary is much closer to my real timeline when it comes to a new writing project.

If I had to share another writing tip with you, it would be this: find any excuses to write everyday. A writing diary or a personal one. A long email to a friend.

For me, writing is something I need to do. I sometimes write about not writing for crying-out-loud!

I’m not the only writer mom out there, working as a stay-at-home parent, or with a stay-at-home day job to deal with, plus an endless list of things to do everyday.

I hope I can make you laugh and hope and help you push through the though writing time.

For sure, dear fellow writers, you’re helping me a bunch.


Wednesday, Day 53

Aaah, I woke up late !!

I had only an hour this morning to work on the revision.

Let’s hope tonight’s evening writing session bring a little more words to life.

Thursday, Day 54

Bless everything, I’m working from home today.

One of my favourite writing – huh – can I say « hack » ? – to get more word written in one day was to kinda steal a 15 minutes here and there during the day-job working hours to write.

It doesn’t seem like I’m gonna be able to steal a couple of 15 minutes here and there today, not even to work on the revision for YA paranormal project.

That new boss I have (oh! getting use to that « boss » idea again, after such a long time working as a freelancer…) is demanding.

Anyhooudelidou !

Let’s cheer up, fellow writers, for tomorrow is Friday.

If I was ten years younger, I would insert a big dancing « gif » right here.

Friday, day 55

I got … hum … not scared. Rather… uncertain about rough drafting this new exciting (aren’t they all?) MG fantasy writing project.

In trouble times, I tend to go back to what works: a good old exercise book and a sharped pencil.

Switching to hand writing once in a while is one of my favorite writing tips. I heard some authors on YouTube saying that they do this as well sometimes.

I started to handwrite the middle of a scene I’ve been thinking about in the past few days. It’s a blue ink mess.

Who said « the trash bin is a writer’s best friend »?

Can’t remember, but oh dear, was that person right !

Saturday, Day 56

Invaders from another then my tiny little writing world will be taking over today.

Oh well…

Sunday, Day 57

Woke up early, to a wonderful grey sky and golden light, the kind of light you want to swim in and wrap your arms around and never let go of such warm beauty.

Now, heavy rain sing on the deep green of tree leafs, blooming colours of flowers and I’m thinking: « pj’s writing day ».

Hubby-to-be is taking over with kiddo, who’s not listening to a word a say these days anyway.

With my best pj on, I started rough drafting, on the computer, at long last, the MG fantasy writing project.

A first 1000 words was written, dear fellow writers. Hooray !

Writing goal for the week: get to 5K words with the MG Fantasy novel and get… further in the revisions for the YA paranormal.

How’s it going on your side of the written words, dear fellow writers ?

Wishing you all the good words! Thanks for reading, once again. I hope my humble rambling are helping out, one way or another.

Until next time !

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