Weekly Writing Diary: Why starting a business blog is​ rough, why writing a novel is though

writing is a job. blogging is writing plus doing a million things aside in order to have people read what you write. writing a novel is that much different because it takes months and years, because things change in a blink of eye, the time for a smile to be wasted behind a mask.

Monday, Day 58

Note to the readers: I’m talking a bit about blogging this morning. Don’t worry, I haven’t came up with a online course on « How to make money with a blog » and I’m not selling anything. Thanks for being here.

Are you a blogging too, dear fellow writers?

If not, you are certainly doing something about that famous author platform stuff anyway!

I’ve started blogging just for fun, or just for the love of books I should say, about seven years ago.

Seven years !

I couldn’t believe it when I went back in time to take a look at that, after reading a newsletter from a businesswoman I truly admired, Angela at StrayCurls.

Some of those articles, written with such naïveté it hurt to look at it, were full of mistakes and way too many pretty-literary words, hahaha!

I’ve learned a ton about writing blogs since. As a freelance writer for the web, no way around here. But also as a stay-at-home parent who toyed with the idea of starting an online business.

It’s that easy… except it’s really not!

I reasearched the idea a lot, because that’s what I do.

To make a blog-business work, one needs to invest a little money and a s*it ton of time, efforts and dedication. A little side help is also mandatory.

See, according to Brenda Barron at WhoIsHostingThis, « WordPress users publish 70 million new posts each month ».

And it’s just one of the many blogging platform out there.

So, well… yeah.

Even more importantly, a blog-business owner needs to SELL something. A s*it ton of somethings, since affiliated marketing works with giving a tiny percentage from a sale.

As my recent professional past show, I’m no business-entrepreneur-wanna-be-president woman. I’m simply not.

I’m a writer and a parent who wants to share with the writing community her crazy journey to be a published author.

Thanks again for being here, fellow writers.

Tuesday, Day 59

I stole some time to write during the day job today.

It was required.

The person who hired me he’s thinking, he’s the boss and I’m the servant, ready to say yes to anything and obey without asking questions.

Oh, the wall he’s gonna hit hard…

Wedenesday, Day 60

Oh what a night, oh what a day.

I can barely keep my eyes open and it’s not even 8pm yet. It was the same story yesterday. I think I fell asleep before kiddo !

It’s not helping the writing goals…

Thursday, Day 61

Note to the readers:
For the concerned parent-writer out there, no worries. Kiddo was taking care of by hubby-to-be that night.

What a fridgin’ day job day it was, dear fellow writers !

I typed a exclamation point, but oh my, if there was a sign for fist somewhere…

Going back to work for a company was starting to be a necessity, but I find it … so. damn. hard.

And not even the third glass of bubbly is able to get rid of this feeling of trying to find a light in utter misty darkness.

Maybe, after the fourth glass…

Friday, Day 62

Maybe you wondered, dear fellow writers, about today’s writing performance. Especially after last night bubbly.

Well, I won’t lie… it went relax, but fairly well.

I woke up at 5 am.

And I hit 20k in the YA paranormal revision (so much for the 40k writing goal, hey!?).

Then, a call from a co-worker spoiled things a little.

Let’s see what the weekend brings!

Saturday, Day 63

Early-ish start with the writing this morning.

Never the less, I got my hubby-to-be to fetch my tea (yes, I’m that kind of fiancée) while I was robing off the remaining sleepiness out of my eyes.

I light a candle (because it’s soft, a candle light before the sun even start to think about raising) and went back to reading the latest MG fantasy outline.

You know what, dear fellow writers, I got so lost in writing the fun scenes to come, I set aside much of the main backstory elements. A situation I have to correct pronto.

However, my slow start was soon to be interrupted by a very happy, very energetic kiddo, who started to run around the bed, then outside the bedroom again, singing non-stop with a high pitch voice.

Not yelling. No, no. Singing, mommy. Singing.

Sure thing, kiddo. Sure thing…

Now, several hours later, everything is quiet.

Rain is falling, a light breeze dances between the dark green leaves leafs.

Fall is coming.

I can’t bring myself to rough draft, nor work on the revision, although I do feel like writing.

Dear contradictory feelings, shoo shoo. This writer wants to get published one day…

Sunday, Day 64


Does it take you forever too, dear fellow writers, to find names in for the world-building?

I find it particularly challenging when writing fantasy… and since I’m basically writing near exclusively in the fantasy genre, I always find it troublesome to find names!

This morning alone, I spent thirty minutes debating about a name for the MG fantasy main’s character college. For the love of everything pure and simple, a name for her college!

As for the writing, it’s going slow for this morning, kiddo and hubby-to-be and I, we’re playing princes, princesses and treasures.

I’m the provider of treasures, sitting on the bed and helping, once in while, kiddo pick some stuff from the closet.

It’s hard to focus, needless to say.

Next writing goals

Since I’ve started this new writing project, 2 months ago, it’s been hard to find the will and the time to write.

It seems like the wind is changing slowly.

For next week, my writing goals will be very humble:

  • 1K words for the MG fantasy writing project
  • Revising 1 chapter for the YA paranormal

I’ve also decided to take a four day break for the Labor Day’s weekend.

Next weekly diary will be shorter.

Yep, it’s not gonna be a good start for this weird writing challenge I got myself into, the #milwordy (details on Kate Cavanaugh youtube channel).

But what can you do, fellow writers ! That fresh tomato sauce I make every year for the cold winter days, won’t make itself.

Dear fellow writers, thank you again for reading.

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