The Tremors of a Failing Heart

The first time I drove all by myself, freedom overcame every cells of my then teenager body. What a feeling ! I was FREE !

I could drive to New-York, Mexico, Buenos Aires if I wanted. I had a car, barely any money to fill it up but who cares. I could go anywhere.

The whole wide world wide mine. (On this side of the Atlantic anyway.)

Time went by, of course. To the grocery store. To the daycare. To the park in the next little town my kiddo loves so much.

I drive though our little routine without thinking, sometime wishing I had the guts to drive pass my street, pass this small town and head to anywhere, once I’d said hello to New-York.

Just because.

The Breathless Passenger

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Fall and Story Sparkles

Do you like walking in the woods? When I need to bring back peace and quiet to my heart, I head for a path in a forest near by.

Especially during Fall.

Tree leafs turns bright yellow, warm orange, sparkling red and soft brown when Fall comes knocking around here. Beautiful doesn’t cover it, not one bit.

The beauty simply overtake every other waking thoughts that may wonder in my writer brains.

Until, from the corner of my eye, we catch a glimpse of something moving. Too fast to be a deer… Too big to be a squirrel… What if it was…

Then, a story starts twinkling. Just an idea.

From there, everything goes.

Writing Mood and Fall Gloom

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