Day 77: Disconnected Soul

Writing novels… writing stories… it’s sharing the way our own soul is connected to the world around us, the world beyond us, through our own words, voice and story.

Writing, for me, is breathing. It’s living. It’s my way to contribute to our human society, by writing stories that will make the reader feel all kinds of emotions, and discover all sorts of things.

Writing is my way (the best way) to share my endless admiration for the wonderful beauties surrounding us, or for what makes our fragile lives precious.

Instinctively, when I first started working retail, to thrive among sometimes interesting sometimes not-always-nice humans and survive through the amount of pure pollution and waste produced in one day only, in one store only, I disconnected my soul, and my heart.

When I first got out of the retail microcosm, I was relieved and certain of one thing only: never again would I spend hours of my life in a store doing chores in an endless loop.

Never again would I voluntarily trap myself in a mindless, useless, job.

And yet.

Mama’s got to do what needs to be done to make sure the kiddos have all they need while helping Santa bring presents on Christmas.

Feeding the imagination through the void growing inside my writer’s heart is a challenge.

A challenge I got through before. That I’m going through now.

As for my NaNoWriMo stats… let’s say I wasn’t planning to win, and I won’t!

Day 75: Does a Puppy Help Increase a Writer’s Daily Word Count?

I can hear you, all the way from my little town drizzled with the first winter snow:

« Stop with the suspense, mama writer, we can’t take it no longer!« 

Since you insist, let’s cut to the chase right away, even if it goes against every storytelling rule I’m aware of!

Drumrolls Drumrolls Drumrolls.


Indeed, dear fellow writers, the day came.

Our family adopted a little chocolate Labrador. An adorable little furry ball, bright and joyful as can be.

A new writing routine is taking place. Yet again.

The whole thing, exciting but quite mundane after all, triggered a retrospective state.

There were difficult and rather sad months, with a few happy moments in between.

Funny enough, getting a puppy is not one of those fun moments for me, since I’m on the evening, night, and early morning shifts.

And like it is said above: a puppy does NOT help increase the word count.

If I want to accomplish any writing… or take an online writing or literature class…

… well, I’ll have to work harder, sleep less I’m afraid and patiently wait for the puppy to grow up and sleep through the night like the other two upstairs, snoring as the sunlight rises on the first snowfall of the season.

The writing adventures go on.

Day 67: NaNoWriMo Style

It’s been a rough couple of weeks.

A hard, shameful wake-up call later, here I am, back on the writing road.

The current writing project I’m working on was supposed to be done by the end of November.


is still doable… if I cut on day job hours, something I clearly cannot do, only a few days from Thanksgiving and all.


is still doable… if I cut on sleep time.

The only way there is if I am to stick to the big writing plan.

Extra motivation is required.

And since it’s November, I thought of finding the motivation through the famous NaNoWriMo gig.

Thirty days. 50K words.

Since there are 30K words left to finish the current manuscript, it may seem like I’m cheating.

Trust me, I’m not. I will have to wake up at 3am more often than I care to count to make it happen.

Wishing you all the good words, fellow writers, and all the positive vibes to all the NaNoWriMo contestants!

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