Old Fashion Writings Tips for Technologically Overwhelmed Writers

Evolving Writing Times

It started some thirty-plus years ago.

A middle school day. Was it a maths class? Biology? Economy?

One thing is certain, I was writing when I should have listened. Writing always has been my thing. Reading and writing.

I was writing before going to bed, on the way to school, and sometimes at recess. With a blue pen, in plain school notebooks. Out of these many many words, not a lot turned into interesting stories. A lot less turned into good stories.

Often, I would hit a need-to-research-this block. A week could go by before I had time to go to the library to look it up.

Since the explosion of modern blogging (author Amanda Zantal-Wiener wrote a great post about the history of blogs, that’s how I sound knowledgeable right here) when in the 2010s, research-wise anyway, our writer’s life got a grand lot easier.

Writing tips-wise, however, that’s another story. No pun intended!

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Writing Under So Many Stars

Such a marvellous sight!

It’s almost Christmas Eve. A few days need to go by, but we’re almost there.

This year, hubby-to-be, kiddo and I chose a different place to celebrate the North American Holidays season.

From Christmas to almost New Year’s Eve, we settled down in a little cozy, sparkling with wonderful art cabin, just a sigh away from the St Lawrence River, nearby a little village on Ile d’Orléans.

When I first started to write this post, no moon shined on the ice crackling on the shore.

However, stars did. So many stars, so bright in the frigid minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Such a marvellous sight, dear fellow writers, not only did I feel the need to share, but it made me wonder about the power of travelling and its impact on my creative writing quest.

For nowadays, technology obliging, writers can do such in-depth researches that travelling to physically experience the weather, the atmosphere, the sounds, the decor, the smells of any destination seems almost like a burden.

However, here I am, dear fellow writers, listening to the ice pilling up on the shore so close to the cabin. Crackling crack crack criiick. A big cargo boat is slowly going down in what’s left of free water.

And a little « what if… » starts to dance in my mind.

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How to Write a Cliché?

My writing corner is nothing special. A desk in front a window looking at the water, that is when all the tree leafs have make way and the winter wind comes back.
There’s a long blue couch thing, a couple of thin bookshelves.
A fluffy fern.
A picture of my kid, smiling bright.

The little place is more on the practical side of things.

Back in September, for a week or so, that’s where I slept, fold countless loads of laundry and tried to find a smidgen of mental space to write.
My mother-in-law, who was staying with us while she was recovering from a big surgery and required, needed 24/7 attention during that time.

One morning, stiff as heck (little blue couch is indeed little), I woke up at 4am, determined to write. All was quiet. All was good.

Peace, at last.

For about 3 minutes anyway.

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