Day 156: Challenges for Back To School Parents (And Puppy Owners!)

Well. This page has been open for words for a good 40 minutes now.

And this mama has been up since 4am.

Puppy, after some play time, outside time, treat time and plenty of petting time, seems finally ready to lie down next to me in a quiet manner.

Finally, I can get back to work on my course.

Yep, it’s back to school for this mama! Not that I have time to go back to school, but enough is enough.
I really need to be able to find a better job, for the sake of my kiddo’s future and my mental health.
Working poor is too darn tiring, on top of being a tiny tiny big time frustrating.

As you are well aware, dear fellow writers, a new project involves… re-planning everything.
That’s the easy part, right?

Here’s my How-To:

  • Get a planner, or do it all on the computer if you’re not a paper fan like me.
  • Within the hubby-to-be schedule, the kiddo schedule and your schedule, somewhere between all the chores to tackle before stepping out the door to work, you’ll see it, the little me-time you can get.
  • If said little me-time can only be found at 4am, that’s normal.

Easy peasy.

Making the plan work is the biggest challenge of them all, since settling into a steady new routine seems a thing of the past.

This week is doc rendez-vous. That week, vet appointment. And the week after that, well it’s kiddo Spring break of course!

What a wonderful, very full life. I am blessed indeed, lucky, grateful.

And busy. Very busy!

A Year of Writing Adventures: Day 142

The Puppy and The Cast

So stupid.

Has accident often are.

The puppy is having her walk. She’s a cheerful little chocolate Labrador and jumping is one of her favourite things to do.

That, and grabbing her leash to play tug-of-war.

While trying to do both hobbies at the same time, the puppy landed on the icy street.

As she did a dozen times.

This time around, however, she broke her ankle.

We rushed to the vet emergency hospital and waited for nearly four hours, we finally learned she would need an operation.

Three days, an amount of money narrowing the 5 figures (thank goodness we have pet insurance!) and a purple cast later, we got the puppy back home.

As many of you dear fellow writers may know, a puppy is a lot of work.

Now, we have to work a little bit more, for the next five weeks anyway. Which means… a bit less time to write.

Yet again.

Puppy is now lying beside me, happily chewing a disgusting faux-bacon-smelling toy. We got a lot of those, among other distraction devices to keep dogs from boredom and the rest of the family sane!

Keep safe and may all the good words flow your way.

Day 137: Time to Grow Up (just a little bit)


It takes a lot of energy, wouldn’t you agree, fellow writers?

I should know, I’ve been moping ever since I got back into working the long, tiring, brain-numbing retail day job.

Well, after a good long while of this excruciatingly exhausting sulking regime, it seems like…. I’m done.

As we put it in French: fiou!

How did that sudden change happen?

Well, it certainly is not because I’m over the backwards policies and polluting-for-a-dime philosophy of the store chain I work for.

Rather, I decided to stop stressing about it. Just… stop.

And with a good old classic shrug too!

Hey, I dream of earning a living writing novels, right?

I’ve nooo time at all to mop over the fact that circumtances forced me to drop all my projects and find in a blink-of-an-eye a mind numbing day job!

!!! NO TIME !!!

It’s time to write!

And time to go back to the basics, get enough sleep, spend quality time with family, get outside and, most of all, enjoy!

Enjoy the snow falling instead of grummeling about all the shoveling we’ll have to do – again.

Enjoy kiddo’s imaginative games instead of fulminate about the mess we just, just clean up.

Enjoy the drive to day job, enjoy meeting new people and learn more about the women I work with.


Dear fellow writers, I’m sending all the joy in the world and may the good words all flow your way.

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