With a Book and Kid on a Little Blue Couch

The book rested on the nightstand for a while, a homemade bookmark lost somewhere between the very first pages.

For no particular reason, I got up while writing this blog post to go get it.

It’s a fantasy book. One I’ve been meaning to read for ages and only thought of buying a few months back.

It has nothing, nothing to do with the plan topic of this post.

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The Writers That We Used to Be

Once upon not such a long time ago, we sat down to write.

Many of us opened a laptop, many others the screen of a fixed computer, and a few grab there a good old fashion pen and notebook.

We wrote stories. A myriad of them. In a myriad of genres.

The world around us somehow faded into our own imagination, into our own words.

In that short period of time, we felt something. Something like a sense of belonging. Of kinship.

With the words.
With all the writers being, the writers of the past, the writers waiting to take our seat in front of the screen, the paper.

We felt we were at the right place, doing precisely what we were meant to be doing.

Write stories in the hope to share them with readers – as many as possible too.

Since the sky is the limit, that’s what we used to reach for.

The writers that we used to be sat down countless times to write.

Until, one day, one of us stopped in the middle of a paragraph.

All of a sudden, the words cease to make sense. The story went pointless. The third draft was now one too many.

One of us closed the laptop and put away the pen and notebook. One of us set aside the pile of books to be read.

Days, weeks. All went by.

Happy days, difficult weeks, some long nights filled with tremendous anxiety.

Today, birds woke me up before the sun had time to rise.

It rained during the night. Clouds are still heavy, ready to cheer the spring – flowers everywhere, camaïeu of greens. Beautiful.

A little something tinkled inside. I got up, took the laptop.

Like writers do so often, I sat down to write.

This time, the words tagged along.

Have you ever felt like you wonder why you stopped doing something that brings so much joy and enchantment, fellow writers?

That’s how writing this blog post makes me feel.

Curious to see how I will react when I face those unfinished writing projects…

Dear fellow writers, may all the good words flow your way!

Day 156: Challenges for Back To School Parents (And Puppy Owners!)

Well. This page has been open for words for a good 40 minutes now.

And this mama has been up since 4am.

Puppy, after some play time, outside time, treat time and plenty of petting time, seems finally ready to lie down next to me in a quiet manner.

Finally, I can get back to work on my course.

Yep, it’s back to school for this mama! Not that I have time to go back to school, but enough is enough.
I really need to be able to find a better job, for the sake of my kiddo’s future and my mental health.
Working poor is too darn tiring, on top of being a tiny tiny big time frustrating.

As you are well aware, dear fellow writers, a new project involves… re-planning everything.
That’s the easy part, right?

Here’s my How-To:

  • Get a planner, or do it all on the computer if you’re not a paper fan like me.
  • Within the hubby-to-be schedule, the kiddo schedule and your schedule, somewhere between all the chores to tackle before stepping out the door to work, you’ll see it, the little me-time you can get.
  • If said little me-time can only be found at 4am, that’s normal.

Easy peasy.

Making the plan work is the biggest challenge of them all, since settling into a steady new routine seems a thing of the past.

This week is doc rendez-vous. That week, vet appointment. And the week after that, well it’s kiddo Spring break of course!

What a wonderful, very full life. I am blessed indeed, lucky, grateful.

And busy. Very busy!

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