Day 67: NaNoWriMo Style

It’s been a rough couple of weeks.

A hard, shameful wake-up call later, here I am, back on the writing road.

The current writing project I’m working on was supposed to be done by the end of November.


is still doable… if I cut on day job hours, something I clearly cannot do, only a few days from Thanksgiving and all.


is still doable… if I cut on sleep time.

The only way there is if I am to stick to the big writing plan.

Extra motivation is required.

And since it’s November, I thought of finding the motivation through the famous NaNoWriMo gig.

Thirty days. 50K words.

Since there are 30K words left to finish the current manuscript, it may seem like I’m cheating.

Trust me, I’m not. I will have to wake up at 3am more often than I care to count to make it happen.

Wishing you all the good words, fellow writers, and all the positive vibes to all the NaNoWriMo contestants!

Day 59: Wake Up Mama, Today’s Halloween

It was 4:30 am.

My favourite time of the day.

All alone with the words and a nice, warm mug of tea.

However, this morning…

Little kiddo peeps out of bed, promising to fall back asleep if mama lies down just a tiny bit.

Yeah…………………………………………………………… well………………………………………………….

The second I tippy toes out of the bedroom, we had a nocturn situation.

Which turned into a debate, punctuated by some tears.

See, in the kiddo’s bedroom – illuminated by five nightlights, FYI – there are some real monsters in the shadows. And weird noises. And something behind the mirror door of the closet.

Kiddo was scared body and soul, no matter the number of nightlights or courageous plush toys around, no matter how many we checked the problematic areas, no matter how close mama’s writing nook is from the bedroom.


« Contre mauvaise fortune, bon coeur« , as we say in my little up-North francophone bubble.

By the time I quit trying to reassure my wonderful kiddo, it was nearly time to prep for the day job.

We went downstairs, and I started making lunch while my kiddo started talking about… Halloween of course.

A little tiny bell went « ding-ding » in my brain.

Against the Halloween monsters and spooky things kids at school have been talking about for days now, no mama’s will is strong enough.

Kiddo had a wonderful day. And a wonderful evening, treat-or-tricking in the neighbourhood, then eating much more than « just two candies, papa and mama said ».

And I had a great evening as well, eating some chocolates (not my kiddo’s, promise) while writing, at long last.

Tricky to stick to the big writing plan. But as long as we have fun, fellow writers.

Take care of yourselves, and may all the good words flow your way!

Day 53: Wishing for Snow

Around here, in Quebec province, Canada, October brings beautiful colours and cold weather.

Ergo fuzzy blankets and soft sweaters and wonderful leaves smell and lovely goose quacking and hot chocolate on the weekend – with five tiny marshmallows if you’re my kiddo.

Today, sun and wind brought the thermometer up to… 25 degree Celsius.
The usual?
About 8 to 10 degrees Celsius.

There’s a reason why weather plays a major role in any story, hee hee.

It impacts everything and everyone, of course, and in infinite ways too.

Right now, at almost 8pm, it’s 21 degrees out there. Even during the summer, nights rarely are this warm.

For me, the girl who wishes, every single year, it would snow on her birthday, this weather is nothing less than sad bad luck.

Close to a nightmare, really, if I let my thoughts wander about my kiddo’s future.
Forget snow. Will there even be drinkable water available?


Since, no matter what, I still believe in human beings – otherwise, why write stories ?

Give it one or two other deadly pandemics, top with a good ten years of drought and wildfires and floods, plus a few devasting hurricanes, sprinkled with worldwide energy shortage and stupid-to-the-very-core wars.

And then. Maybe. Humans will stop destroying themselves for the sake of being able to buy cheap stuff that will be thrown in the garbage sooner than it should.


Until then, I will keep wishing for a bit of snow at the end of October in Quebec province, Canada.

Be kind to yourself, dear fellow writer, and happy writing.

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