Book of the week: The Castle of Otranto

Thanks to my endless writing research, I got my hands on one the first, if not THE first gothic novel ever written. And I loved it !

Actually, truth to be told, a novel that is said to have inspired other writers, like Ann Radcliffe, to name the only one that I can think of right now (how can one who loves books as much as I do can forget the authors names so easily, I don’t know), and therefore the genre.

Now, it was written in 1764 and it set in the first Crusade era, so if you’re looking for creeping haunted mansion, you’ll be disappointed. 

I was a bit surprise to see where the novel was going, probably as much as the writer did himself, by the feel of it!

However a real good reading experience, at least if thou shall endure old english, that is.

It was a bit of a difficult challenge for me at first, since french is my native language and I’ve learned much of my english reading Harry Potter and watching Friends (on DVD; yep, I’m that old). 

Nevertheless, I truly enjoy the thrilling series of eerie events, like the back cover of my 2006 edition says. 

The knight and the haunted castle

That novel was a true find.

I was doing some research for a ghost story (which I abandoned because I got way too scared, honest to heavens!) and came across that intriguing claim : the first gothic novel ever written.

I had to check it out !

I’m so glad I did. The novel was such a fun read, a real page turner. Also the source of all literature cliché you can find.

You have to love it, if nothing else then for those tears shed by the women at the faintest kind words bestowed by a men, and vice-versa.

Plus, well, I have a little something for fugitive princess’s and devoted knights. That brings in mind, I’ve you seen one the earliest of all the wonderful Miyazaki movies, The castle of Cagliostro. With such a title, hard to not make some connections, you’ll say.

When a strange accident kills the son of the Prince of Otranto, a series of eerie events are set in motion. Oh dear, flying giant swords, lost fathers, peasant made knight, most passionate love triangle, perfectly odious vilain, name it, you got it !

Since it’s a classic, a lot of publisher’s have it and it’s easy to find.

Enjoy !

Auteur : Marie Alice

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