How to write a novel in 3 months Wait, but… why?

When you’re doing research about writing a book, it seems like we have to write a novel in 3 months.

I totally did it, by the way. Wrote a novel in 3 months. It’s a middle-grade/tweens novel, 52 000 words long, or it will be when I am done with the second rounds of revisions.

I am proud of that novel, but… I am exhausted !

Why write a novel in 3 months?

In my case, I wrote a novel in 3 months because I noticed that a publisher was seeking contemporary middle-grade/tweens novels. So that is what I wrote, and wrote fast, for that window will not be open forever.

The publisher might not buy my book (here, in my little North-American francophone bubble, no literary agent; us, writers, are solo player by default) but I least I can say that I tried. Plus side, it was such a joy to write.

Still, I am exhausted. I am a slow writer, a slow reviser, a slow type of gal in general.

Although the end result is a fun book I am proud of, writing a book in 3 months is not my cup of tea.

If it’s not for a professional requirement; if it’s not to prove yourself that you can finish a novel or what have you, I am here to tell you: don’t bother trying to write a novel in 3 months.

Instead, make good art. That is what I will focus on.

Money, the name of a tired game

I dream of being able to earn a living as a traditionally published author. Yes.

Here’s a dirty little secret though: I don’t want to be rich.

I want my books to be enjoyed by as many readers as possible. I want to be able to buy food, clothes and finish paying the house.

See, money is a depressing reality that makes the entire world miserable, and has made the world miserable for millennia. Money and guns and bombs. But I digress.

There is no guarantee what so ever that if you write a novel in 3 months, you’re gonna get published and hit the bestsellers list. No guarantee what so ever.

Why put yourself through on a rough, though working path for money.

Writing books is not a highway to millionaire-land (what a sad land that is, a bunch of people that could help feed half of the children dying of hunger every day with their pocket change *sigh*). Forget it.

Make good art

The words of Neil Gaiman not only touched my heart. They found a place in my soul.

Make good art, write the best stories to make readers dream and hope, that is my now my goal.

I hope this post helped you take that pressure off your writer’s shoulders.

There’s enough characters problem to think about as it is.

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