Diary of a new writing project. Day 7: how to write a 1000 words in 5 hours

It took me 5 hours to hit 1000 words. 5 fridgin’ hours !!!

It is very easy.

Clear all the work/chores plan for Monday in order to be able to devote your time to a new writing project for which, technically, you are already falling behind.

Then, sit down with a nice mug of tea and write.

Just write.


On the blank page, right there.

Well, go on m’ dear!

Where is my new project syndrome?

Everybody heard of that one. The first 10K words are flowing out of your brain and onto the page.
It feels like you will be done with the first draft in the next three weeks, and it will be the best novel ever, and this one will be published for sure…

Desillusion soon kicks in, of course, no worries there. And as long as you are prepared for it, there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of the new project syndrome vibe while it last.

Thing is, I am not having it. At all. Rien de rien.

The outline is clear. In chapter 1, main character does this, she meet X, faces a surprising situation and boom, we fall into chapter 2, take action and move on to more good stuff.

When I outlined it, I was super excited about it.

When it was time to write that first scene, words were very hard. And it felt boring, because I already knew exactly what needed to happen, and how.

It took me 5 hours to hit 1000 words. 5 fridgin’ hours !!! I have to step on it if I want to be done by the end of March 2020.

I will get over it. I have too. I’m getting behind on my goals already. But I am already toying with the idea of throwing away the outline I spent hours developing.
I am wasting even more time following it…

Anyway, I have to girl up and work harder and conquer this week 7 500 words goal.

Thanks for tagging along in this crazy writing adventure!

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