Diary of a new writing project. Day 10: dig

Today, on my way to daycare, I spotted a archaeological dig. Sort of.

Word count goal for the week: 7 500 words
Word count so far: 4 309

A writing diary is about a writer’s progress with a novel. What is there to improve, change; maybe write about characters arc, story beats.

And write about the inspiring things real life provides sometimes. Today, on my way to daycare, I spotted a archaeological dig. Sort of.

See, in my very small town, there was an old house at the corner of a round-about. Apparently, it once belong to a important figure of the Patriotes movement, a group dedicated to kick the British out of the country. The conflict happened in 1837-1838. The Patriotes lost, some of them were hanged, it was a big deal for the time.
Anyway, this centenary house (can you say that in English?) was destroyed without so much as a warning, out of the blue, order of the Mayor at the time, who always swore the small town would save it from its horrible state – we was forced to quit soon after that.
Scandal! Destroying history like that, without saying a word, after promising to save it! It made the news all over the province.

A big hole surrounded by a cheap gate and angry citizens were all that was left.
Politicians said they would ask archaeologists to analyse the site, which will become… a park maybe (I’ll keep you posted 😉 ).
So today, when I saw actual archaeologists digging on the side of the very big hole, I thought it would be fun if they find something… improbable.

Better yet, what if archaeologist students were to find a improbable something? What that improbable something could raise all the poor souls who drown in the small river basin near by?

Right now, I don’t think I can use those « if’s » in the current YA-WIP.
But a crazy writer on a quest never knows…!

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