Diary of a new writing project. Day 15: when they first met…

This week writing goal: 15 000 words
Word count so far: 6 557

I love writing. I love writing novels even more.

Yes, it is difficult to write a novel. Sometimes, I get or lazy or stuck, or downright frustrated. And when those rejections letters hit… aie aie aie!

Still, writing novel is my life, the one thing I feel really confident about, even though I have not been published yet. I work hard to better my writing craft and I always learn.

One thing I really, really love writing is the meet-cute scene. I get all giggly and excited and ultra cheesy.

And today in Ya-Wip, it was time to write meet-cute moment. Hooray! I wrote, wrote, wrote, stopped to look up a detailed (it bugs me to leave a note; I need on-the-spot accuracy or back-up proof, or I froze) and while doing so, stumbled upon some writing tips about story beats.
Of course, doubt rosed its hands.
It’s too soon, isn’t it? Yes? No? Since it’s not a romance, since the focus is on long-gone friendship reconquered through weird, fun, sort of spooky times?
I looked up the tossed away outline I wrote. Turns out I did planed the meet-cute way later in the story.
But the story I am writing now is already taking a different path then the outline – that feels like a creative writing class homework now.
In this rough version, it definitely makes more sense for that meet-cute to happen right after the inciting incident.
I think the intro will have to change a little.

Sooo, I am left tonight with this interesting dilemma: should I just re-write the intro right away or should I move forward with the story?

The decision will have to await the rise of a new day. I got yet another 4:30am Peppa Pig wake up call this morning, and it has been a long work-chores day.

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