Diary of a new writing project. Day 17: beautiful mess

This story is going very well – of course, I’m at the very start!

This week word count goal: 15 000
Word count so far: 11 047

I got an eye cramp.
Did you know that you can have a cramp in your eye?
35 to 44 years on Earth, and I first experienced it today, while drafting away! Ha!

Today, I used my list of to-do’s before writing, to see if I could be as productive today as I was yesterday.
I guess I could have done better but I’m fairly happy with the results.

This story is going very well – of course, I’ve only just started writing it!
Nevertheless, I feel at ease in a contemporary-ish setting. It has been a while…

Also, I can see the writing tips science paying off on that new project. I can’t remember where I got that writing the backstories at the same time as the outline tip, but it is a good one. Must confess, I find the backstories more useful than the outline.
I love being able to go to my characters’ backstories in a heartbeat instead of figuring it out as I go. It really does help.

Although they are rough backstories, it still super useful to have the basics handy. I am still adding some stuff, erasing other stuff. Overall though, I can find their family history, the main events that shape them to be the characters they are at the beginning of the novel.

I say this, when I look back at the manuscript, I feel a bit scared. It still follows the outline main « guidelines », but the story is so different now.

My main concern now is the flow of it all. Conflicts follow action follow consequences. It’s all there, but it might be too much. I feel the urge to edit and clean up that beautiful mess.
However, powering through has proven to be much more effective… and fun.

Thanks for reading the diary ramblings of a crazy writer on a quest. If you wanna start at the beginning, be my guest.
Until next time!

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