Diary of a new writing project. Day 20-21: but it’s fall !

5 more minutes on Pinterest, and then I start writing.
Just 5 more minutes, I pinky swear.

This week word count goal: 15 000 words
Word count so far: 13 106

Yesterday, I didn’t take the time to write. For it was the most beautiful fall day this fall-lover can dream of.
Clear blue sky, crisp fresh air, trees leafs full of colors. The last flowers of the season are blooming, both in the gardens of our little neighborhood and in the nearby fallow field we walk by, on our way to the old Fort watching over the river basin. Gooses were resting on the water. They stop here every year on their way down South or back up North when spring is almost ready to shine, once more.

Because of that, and many parenting things to do, I did not reach my 15 000 words word count goal. But I got pretty close.
All that because… I have no paying contract and all my pitch were rejected.

In short, I need to recollect, analyze what’s wrong and work out a new approach to get those writing gigs going.
Probably gonna way less time next week to work on the new writing project. So, let’s hope for a terrific nap time + night time writing session tomorrow.

Today, day 21

Word count goal for the week: 22 500 words
Word count goal so far: 13 321 words

It is pj day. Heavy clouds and strong winds are keeping me with kiddo inside, while hubby-to-be took its courage out to participate in a manifestation against a incredibly stupid, ridiculous, against inclusion and basic human rights law that was just adopted by the new government of my province.
But I digress.
Kiddo is sleeping in the big bed. That means I am staying close to keep an eye on things. The only time I didn’t, I cam back to find kiddo up on the very corner of the bed, getting ready to jump and probably hit its head against the corner of a nighstand table. Never again, I then swore to myself.
I am now fighting with all my might and some Pinterest action to stay awake.
I barely wrote a 100 words so far, but I feel lazy, lazy, lazy. Even too lazy to try one of the many writing tips I keep in my sleeves to kick my laziness in the bottom.
And the drafting is… blah. I need to do a full-on first revision, because many details are floating everywhere, especially concerning the Best Friend characters.
And, it’s a multiple P.O.V. book, BUT, the Main Character gets more chapters time; so I need to balance it all a bit better.

In short, lots of work and little writing forward, which I could do, but I know it will too much of a mess to clean if I don’t tackle the small problems now.
5 more minutes on Pinterest, and then I start writing.
Just 5 more minutes, I pinky swear.

6 hours later

I am giving up for tonight. Being alone with a kiddo all day is tiring. Fun, but tiring.

I did manage to write a little more words, but I’m gonna have to put in more efforts this week if I want to catch up and meet my word count goal.

Thanks, thanks, thanks for reading along this very old fashioned writing journal. It does motivate me to write more. Without it, tonight, I would have Candy Crush-it instead of even trying to write, without a smidgen of remorse.
So, yeah, thanks.
Until next time!

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