Diary of a new writing project. Day 31: When even cheating doesn’t work

Work count goal for the week: 32 500 words
Word count so far: 18 406 words

I cheated today.
I took two hours out of my working day (I so happy to be my own boss!) to work on the YA WIP.
The results were far from great. I had a hard time focusing on the writing, but a pretty good time shopping online for my kiddo – kiddos clothes are the best.

At least, instead of letting myself feel like a loser because of a disapointing word count, I simply reminded myself that I am a creature of habits.
My writing time is at night, and therefore, getting the creative writing juices running during day is harder.
Because during the day, I blog with keywords, topics, sentences length in mind.

A very, very good thing came out of it though: a good brainstorm for the end of the present chapter. Plus, I got the next chapter all figured out.
It helped me tonight, not to write faster I’m afraid, but certainly to write with more confidence.
I had fun writing for the first time since the beginning of this writing rush week I imposed on myself.
Something I am now very inclined to think I won’t do again!

A little pressure is good. A lot of pressure is too much.

Again, thank you for reading.
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Until next time!

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