Diary of a new writing project. Day 33: nap time

Word count goal for this week: 32 500 words
Word count so far: 18 886 words

I was able to snag a little writing time while kiddo and her visiting grandma were napping today. Hooray!

This impromptu writing session felt like a cookie stolen from the jar right under the adults’ noses. Oh so good, oh so perfect!
I tried to make the most of it.

The word count is not improving, but the characters are. Therefore, I do feel like the story is getting stronger, already more layered, complex… in a simple, fun to read way of course 😉 !!

I know, according to many « how to write faster » writing tips I’ve read, I should be writing the story forward. Putting more words in. Getting to write 2 000 words every half-hour. Draw faster than your shadow, go faster than a fridgin’ speed car.
Sure. I agree. I need to learn to write faster and also learn to shush the editor in me.
But I think my approach might save me a lot of re-writing, plus it makes the story much stronger already.
I think so anyway. We’ll see what the beta-readers will say!

An exhausted wanna-be traditionally published author is saying goodbye for now, and to all a good night.

Until next time, thanks so much for reading.

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