Diary of a writing project. Day 43: bubble

Word count goal this week: 40 000 words
Word count so far: 27 612 words

First half of Act II is going along pretty well. Hooray!

I’m writing a lot this week.

Not because of a new Writing Tip I tried. Not because of the stolen Halloween candys (got to make extra, extra sure they’re good, right?). Not even because I feel inspired.

Because I need to escape in my story bubble.

In my bubble, teens are trying to fight a very bad ghost and another enemy (they don’t know about the other enemy yet, oh so much awful things are coming they’re way, fun, fun, fun!).
Two people are fighting against a common attraction, for various reasons. Two others are trying to get together without looking like they’re trying – yeah, it’s stupidity cute!

In my story bubble, it is quiet.
The characters live in a quiet very small, used-to-be-industrial town, during the early 1990s. The town is surrounded by other small towns, all divided by fields, pumpkins patch, and orchards.
And big old trees everywhere.
Its a very beautiful little town, when it’s not frozen by the January oh-so-cold weather and hidden underneath two meters of snow.

Plus, tonight, the Main Character really did something… odd. I like it, but for the sake of character logic, I might have to replace it.
She went out of her way and apologize to the Ally at school, in front of several eyes and ears witness’s. BuuuUUUuuut, since the beginning of it all, she’s been avoiding to be seen with Ally, both inside and outside the school.

But that is a problem I will leave for revision. Right now, I like how her action shows she is not, indeed, a completely shallow, selfish, ex-elite athlete. It shows she’s on her way to embrace the big changes her serious leg injury had set in motion many months prior to the Inciting Incident.

Ok, I’m going to stop, as fun as reading this rambling is, everybody needs to get going now.

Good night, dear writer friends, and until next time…

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