Diary of a writing project. Day 44-45: windy days

Word count goal for this week: 40 000 words

Day 44: Halloween night

Word count so far: 28 535 words

It’s pouring down rain. Beautiful heavy rain.

In my small town, they’ve re-schedule Halloween for tomorrow. That’s how intense the rain was going to be… and is.
It’s pouring like crazy, and the wind is having a blast. But it started at 10pm!!
What a ridiculous idea.
Next thing you know, they’ll re-schedule Christmas because it’s snowing!!

It’s hard to be understanding sometimes…

A ton of chocolate candy is sitting in a big bowl near the front door. What’s a writer to do? Pick up as many KitKat mini-bars as possible, go hide in the bedroom and… eat!

Speaking of individually wrap mini KitKat bars, I should take on another quest, to convince the KitKat people to wrap their awesome candy in something more environmentally friendly.

The sugar rush came and went, and now all I want to do is sit back, listen to the rain and watch a movie I know by heart.

So off I go, dear writer friends… Until tomorrow!

Day 45: windy weather

Word count so far: 28 542 words

Bad day.

Very bad day.
Day job-wise and, turns out, writing wise too.

I find freelancing is very, very hard. Always feel like I’m doing enough, but then everything I try doesn’t work. Argh! I want it to work so badly.

Who am I kidding, I NEED this to work. Going back working a 9 to 5 is simply out of the question. It depresses me to no end.

I know, you only fail when you stop trying.
But that’s it: if things don’t pick up, I’m gonna have to stop and a 9 to 5 job.
Got a kiddo to feed and keep warm.
Winter is coming.
For real.

All that worrying sucked pretty much all the writing creativity out of me. I’m exhausted, body and soul.

Funny thing, I do want to write. And I try.

I simply cannot focus one bit on the work at end. And it double-sucks, because I’m at a very cute scene, where the Love Interest gets interested for real. He moving past his prejudices against teenagers (even though is not that much older; so arrogant, I know) and sees the main character for who she is : a unique, complex and indeed charming young woman.

Crazy how easier it is to talk about those two than having them talk to each other.

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