Diary of a writing project. Day 56-57: The snow and the sun

I’m drifting dangerously into « hobby » writer mode.

Word count goal for the week: 47 500 words

Day 56. The snowstorm
Word count so far: 33 118 words

At 7 am, I was out there, shoveling snow away.

A big snowstorm, pretty early in the season too, spend the previous night with us.
20 cm of beautiful snowflakes later, it was suddenly all quiet, so pretty, peaceful.
Everything, from beautiful to ugly, from the birdfeeder to the shovels themselves, was covered by a soft blanket of snow.

It is too cold to build a snowman just yet, but enough snow was gathered to make a tiny mountain for my kiddo to slide on.
Kiddo LOVED it too, so it was even more worth the effort.

Winter bliss in the middle of fall… why not?

That being said, I could not keep my eyes open for very long last night, and once again I will thank this writing journal, and my old teacher who gave his student the idea, a long while back

Day 57. The sun
Word count so far: 33 619 words

A bright, cold sunny day, the kind we see in January around here, got me all hyperactive today.

I went through my day job tasks in less than 6 hours. That means I had two hours to work on the manuscript.
Two hours!


I could not stay put.

Instead, I set to do a million little stupid non-important things, like going outside at -10 to check on the birdfeeders.
Sit your bottom down that chair and write, I said to myself every time I finished a stupid non-important thing, like putting together yet another Christmas song playlist.

Come on writer girl! Write!

I did, but very little. I’m drifting dangerously into « hobby » writer mode.

I don’t want to lazy out on that writing project. It is so much fun.

I need my fire-y writing motivation back!

On that note, dear writer friends, thank you so much for tagging along in my crazy writer quest.
Until next time!

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