Diary of a writing project. Day 60: In a bubble, a storm

Word count goal this week: 55 000 words
Word count goal so far: 34 139 words

New week, new hope.

Will reading a tons of tips about self-care for writers, and actually making some of those tips happens, like take a walk, eat well, changing up the writing set-up and, a personal favorite, clean up the working area and get organized help that word count reach the top?

A tons of books are hitting the shelves and the online stores these days. As a reader, I am thrill !
As a writer, I find it very discouraging.
So. Many. Books. aka: competitors.

The writing community is really friendly and all, but at the end of the day, all the authors among said community are competitors.
If not for the literary genre they write in, for readers and social media attention, for sure.

Everyone wants to grab our attention. Phones, socials medias, blogs, podcasts, compagnies, they are hunting our attention down.
Every sphere is fighting for it.
In the book world, publishers and self-published authors are battling hard to create something around the books they sell. If only they could go viral, if only they could get on that tv show, podcast, YouTube channel.
But it doesn’t stop there. In the book world, others want our attention: writer platforms (yours truly thank you for hanging around here, by the way), literary agent, freelance editors, designers, proof-reading people. More they often, every single one of them has a craft-book, an ebook or a class to promote.

Writers always had to be entrepreneurs as well. I know. They had to fight to get for reader’s and media’s attention.

But they didn’t have to fight that many attention grabber.

The book world is a bubble. Inside that bubble, all I can see now is a never-ending storm of new-new-new-better-better-better-copycat-copycat-copycat with a twist.

So, yeah, at night, in front of my writing project, it is hard to imagine how I will manage to make my book stand out in the dark, stormy book bubble…

« You only fail if you stop writing. »

I know, dear writer friends…
I know.

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