Diary of a writing project. Day 62-63: Two writing tips put to the test

Word count goal this week: 55 000 words

Day 62
Word count goal so far: 36 289 words

I getting back on track, sort of, with the manuscript.

I’m almost ready to give up on my self-imposed deadline, but I’m afraid of what the consequences could be, both for my quivering will and my determined laziness.

Still, just to be out of the writing wroth I’ve been experiencing the past few weeks is utter bliss.

I used a Writing Tip I’ve always looked down upon before: writing in non-chronological order.

It works in this case because it’s a very linear story. At first, I outlined a ton of flaws-backs, but that was when the story was leaning more on the spooky side. Now, it’s more funny and light, more spooky cozy. No big tangled mystery. Just plain old fantasy-fantastique.
Therefore, it’s easier to jump around without feeling dizzy.

I really don’t know if I’m gonna use that tip/trick again, but for this project, it works well.

Day 63
Word count goal so far: 37 551 words

The famous writing sprint is a writing tip I always fail at, kind of.

I’m not a fast writer, as you may know by now if you’ve been kind enough to tag along is this crazy writer quest.
Even when I’m sprint writing, the results are rarely outstanding.

Best exemple would be today, where I sprint write for two hours in the morning (working from a home is awesome).
I ended up with a little more than 700 words. Better then all the writing session from last week combined, but a unimpressive word count nevertheless.

Worst thing is I really though I was over 1k words!

Anyway, I pushed through tonight and at long last, I almost reached my daily writing goal of 1 400 words. A first in many, many writing days.

I shall try the Writing sprint tomorrow again though. It’s good.
For one thing, it helps me focus solely on the characters and the story and the writing. It’s easier to find the good words when my attention is totally dedicated on writing.

Dear, dear writer friends, until next time !

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