Diary of a new writing project. Day 77-78: Incoming deadline

I rather stay home and be able (maybe!) to get more writing done!

Holiday gathering with family before the snow melts, before Santa is ready

This week word count goal: 62 500 words
Word count so far: 42 221 words

No writing of any kind was done on Day 77 of this diary of a writing project.

Many adults were making the best of our small living room/playroom while kids were having a blast.
As planned, I was busy in the kitchen.

Very busy.

So busy that, in the end, someone came in and almost grabbed my hand to force me to go sit with everybody.

The determined mood spoiler

It was a fun night, although a bit spoiled by a grow-up determined to be as anti-social and rude with another family member.
It was uncomfortable to say the least, so much so we’ve decided to speak up.

No one wants to spend the next diner desperately trying to smile and find a topic that will not provoke a bad response from the grown-up with a moody-jerk-attitude.

I rather stay home and be able (maybe!) to get more writing done!

One deadline coming up

No crazy writing sprints.

No crazy writing nights.

Considering the low word count of the past few weeks and the busy December schedule, I will fail to meet my deadline.

BUT, I would love to hit at least the past week’s word count goal of 55 000 words.
I should be writing towards the real word count goal of 62 500 words, but it’s not realistic.

It will stay there though, for when I’ll look back on this project in order to learn from my mistakes… and my bons coups also!

It would mean I kicked my bad moods out and got back on truly believing in my writing project and more importantly, believing I can succeed in my crazy writer quest of being published and earning a living as a writer.

Let us here work for the best now.

Until later, dear writer friends…

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