A No New Year Resolutions policy

Writing during winter is awesome, and even if the New Year is there, yet again, I am avoiding any kind of resolutions, so I can enjoy to the fullest my best writing season

It’s a thing. The New Year’s Resolution.

Ever wonder how gyms thrive? New Year’s Resolutions. That’s why.
Now, it cannot be the only reason, now can it?
Oh yes. Yes, it can.
And it is.

New Year’s Resolutions are a tradition I left far behind a while ago.
Why wait for January to start eating healthy, take daily walks and do everything I can to stop being such a yelling mama-monster? For example.

As for Writer’s New Year’s Resolution, ah that is another story…

Brand New Year, Brand New Writer?

I did the writer New Year’s Resolution for a very long while.

I would come up with…

Gonna write 2 000 words a day;
Gonna finish three novels and query them all;
Gonna get published this, this year is just my year, I know, I can feel it!

… and realize a month later that I had a day job and a life and couldn’t write as much as a promise myself to write.

Last year, I started big.

My writer New Year’s resolutions were very… let’s say ambitious.
It sounds better than delusionals and amateurishs.

I did manage to write a YA novel in three months, then query it (after too short of a round of revisions, if you ask me…).
I wrote 30 000 words of another novel before giving up on a too complicated outlined.
Then I went back re-writing a more than ten years old writing project (I swear, this one, no matter what, is gonna the light in a reader’s eyes this year; I swear!).
And in the middle of re-writing that project, I started on a new writing project, which I decided to write an at-first daily diary.

Are you out of writing breath? Because I was.

In fact, in this second day of the year 2020, I feel like I’m just starting to catch my breath.

They call it Holidays for a reason

And so, I haven’t written a single word in a little more than two weeks now.

I took a Holiday from writing.

This year, it’s easy to guess, no New Year’s Resolution whatsoever.

I already wrote a post about my writing goals for 2020, and even those might be changed during the course of the year.

Writing Goals should help us, writers, to write. Not making us miserable and feel down about ourselves!

Dear writer friends, I wish you good health and good writing for the new year to come.

Thanks for reading, so, so much. Until next time!

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