Diary of a writing project. Day 114-115: reading required

Reading is required when nothing else seems tolerable, even the things you love the most in this world, which in my case is my little family and writing


Buckle up.

’cause I’ve been to the library.

Reading or else…

Over the weekend, I binge read four very different novels and started the fifth one. I haven’t done that since when I was a single bookshop clerk.

Falling asleep in one world in mind, waking up to immediately lose yourself in another. Everything feels a bit far, a bit different.

Written words are amazing.

Obviously, little to none work on either of the writing projects was done.

I didn’t plan the reading extravaganza, nor did I fight it at any point. Reading was needed, required, necessary.

Kiddo is going through a phase.
That sore-throat-cold of mine won’t live me alone.
Winter is doing its wonderful January freezing-snowing thing.


Reading required.

What about treating writing like a job

Even a month ago, I would not have allowed myself to read for two hours in a row, let alone two days.

Need to work. Need to finish book. Work hard if you want to make it. And you wanna quit: work HARDER !!!

Yeah, no… Not good.

That mind set got me to a real bad place.

I needed to loosen up on the writing goals and writing schedule, and I did.

So far, the most amazing part of loosening up about work HARDER to make it happen is…. writing is fun again.

I’m working on the MG writing project almost every day. Working on new ideas.

Speaking of new ideas, I’m gonna go back to day dreaming… I mean to my day job, day job, day job.

If you’re curious, I’m gonna share my reads soon on this blog, but you can also go take a look on my GoodReads.

Fellow writers, again, thanks for reading.

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Writing away and reading books. Joy! Écrire à tout vent et lire des romans. Joie!

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