Diary of a writing project. Day 124: planning to un-scrambled

A million scrambled things are flying around in my humble brain, blurring everything else.
I can’t afford to live in blurriness.

planning takes time, and I would rather write or write or... I don't know... write than sitting down in front of planner , stickers on one side, markers on the other, giant post-it to cover-up all to inspirational quotes I can't stand. but at some point, ones brain need to get un-scrambled

I need a plan.

A game plan.

A writing plan.

And I need to write down too, on paper, with a pen and all.

Yep, I have to welcome back in my life a physical, tangible, colourable planner.

The year of happenings

Things have to happen in 2020.

They sure won’t happen if I keep going like this. At the end of each day the past few weeks, there’s still more things to be done.
I spend HOURS in front of the computer, working away sooo slowly, because I can’t focus, I can’t stay still.
A million scrambled things are flying around in my humble brain, blurring everything else.

The only thing left to do is get organized and toss a good few of these million scrambled things in the garbage.

I’m very bad at those sort of things: planning, budgeting, reading just one last chapter before bedtime.

Ends the quest for a planner worthy of replacing my love for post-it and random day job to-do lists, written on a tiny notepad from ShoePop.

Does planning count as writing time?

No. It doesn’t.

But it can be fun!

By transforming this huge pain in the ass chore for me in a fun thing to do, I might have more chances to succeed at keeping it up – my second major problem with planning.

It’s the main, if not the only reason, why I always push this very important, crucial in my case, the task of getting organized.

Planning with my computer has proven to be a disaster. I would even forget the doctor’s appointment for my kiddo, because I would see the notification, click on it to make it disapear and I soon as I would do that, the appointement would vanish from my mind.

I kept using the computer even though it would raise some… problem-solving conversations with hubby-to-be, mainly because money is tight and I love pretty-pretty things… on sale.

Setting up my planner with strangers!

Do I plan weekly and monthly, or just weekly? Do I plan by trimester?

Coloured markers? Stickers? Washi Tape?

And how the heck am I going to organize the overwhelming working mama life?

Funny enough, tons of people LOVE getting down with planner extravaganza, planning, to-do list. They have their aesthetic mood figured out, a theme like stars or forest, animals or music, darkness or light.

Before researching the topic, I had no idea planning was so-sooo big, so intense. There’s so many many techniques and school of thoughts too.

So so many ways to spend money you could have spent on books instead… heeheehee!

All joking aside, I found great resources and inspiration on Pinterest and on Authortube.

Here’s the ones that helped me and inspired me the most:

  • At Wendaful planning, you can find e-very-thing you need to know about planning.
  • I’ve watched « My 2020 Planner Setup! » by Lainey on GingerReadsLainey a bunch of times. It really helped to see it happened, and listening to somebody sharing her setup.

Next thing to do is… well, get planning, or, most importantly, getting un-scrambled!

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