Diary of a writing project. Day 140-141: Away from the writing nook

Outside my (new) writing nook awaits a tremendous world.

Down the street rest a small lake. On the horizon, a hill full of trees turning red when it’s time for fall again.

And the rising sun.

Ever noticed how everything look beautiful when you’re back from a funeral?

Honest to the big G’s up there, I haven’t left my writing space, now upgraded to a writing nook, willingly in months.

And yet, in that cozy little writing paradise, I was less and less productive. Less and less motivated. Less and less happy.

I didn’t know what to do anymore. All the tips&tricks in the Pinterest universe never lasted more than a day or two.

Something had to change, and I didn’t had the heart to make that change happen.

Then, plot twist.

As life will have it, a special someone died at the end of January.
We went to the funerals.

Since then, joy is overflowing my heart and soul.

Right before, right during, right after

Away from the writing nook with a sad event to attend to at some point during the week-end, I tried to keep working on the YA / Teens novel (it’s such fun to dive back into it; taking time off it was a blessing in disguise), outline a new project, all in vain.

Side note: I say YA / Teen novel because the more I’m diving back into it, the more I feel it doesn’t hit all the YA novel « criteria ». Plus, YA book market is crazy saturated. But we’ll see…

Before I knew, it was time to get everything ready and go.

Ok, here comes the weird writer part. A confession. Don’t hate me. Please believe me, I have a heart.

Confession: I think funerals are the best place to do characters’ research and develop novels ideas.

Loads of people from different backgrounds. Family reunion, family history, family tensions.
And stories. So many stories flying around.

I cried during the whole ceremony (told you I have a heart), but I also couldn’t help but be inspired by some of the people sitting in the small and somewhat dark chapel.

The celebrant was a very good actress, in full-on control of her emotions, her lines, the timing of the ceremony.
One friend with shaking hands, read and re-read his text, short, corporate, odd.
And many more…

On the road back from the funerals, I lost myself in a world of « what if » and other considerations about life.

One thing for sure, I was so, so, so happy to get back home, to my little lonely writing nook.

Oh dear, if it not have been for the utter tiredness, I would have bounced around like my kiddo does from time to time.

Will any of the people attending the funerals, all those many bits of conversations will end up in a book?

I’ll let you know.

Thanks so much for reading, dear writer friends, and until next time, with a YA work in progress update !

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