Diary of a writing project. Day 162: what time is it?

I ask this question a hundred times a day for a week every time the outdated daylight saving time change comes around

We are a great many.

To hate Daylight saving time.

For a couple of days after the real outdated Daylight saving time measure, I keep asking myself what time it really is.

This morning, I woke up at 5 in order to get more words on the page, but really it was 4 am.

It was dark and gloomy, heavy clouds holding back a promise of rain. But as luck would have it, I woke up with a smile, courtesy of a funny dream.

And since my dreams have been dark and nightmare-ish for the past two months, I would venture and say it’s a good sign.

Is it the spring?

Is it because I’m consciously stopping myself when I’m getting in a negative thinking mood?

Don’t know.

One thing for sure : it’s a perfect way to start the writing week!

Ambitious weekly word count

I have an ambitious word count goal for the week.

One: it is a realistic word count goal !

Day job work is slow and I need something to keep my morale up, and not let myself get overpowered by stress and discouragement, and so on and so forth.

Two: it’s pushing me to sit down, stay it my seat and write.

After all, I’m working towards being able to be a full-time novelist, both traditionally published and self-published.
The work charged involved in creating an author platform, and then the work you need to put in self-publishing if you want to give your book a tiny fighting chance, I mean… I’ve got plenty of work to keep busy busy bee for a great long while.

And, am I thinking about starting a – you-tube-channel ?????????

Thinking about how to get things interesting for viewers since I don’t want to show my face. Some channel are like that, but the videos are creative, and pretty, like the amazing Terrible Writing Advice. I’m not found of sarcastic-dark-humor, and making fun of everything all the time, but darn oh darn, what a GREAT channel !!! It is mind-blowing, the amount of work author J.P. Beaubien puts into those. Impress, forever.

Anyway, back on the word count goals at ends. Because that kind of thinking I had in the previous paragraph?

Yeah, that’s EXACTLY the kind of thing that keeps me from getting some writing done.

Which I’m gonna go do.

Right now.

After I wrap this one up, because I will forget about this post, and then find it three weeks later, all sad and lonely.

Writer friends, all the best for your writing project ! Thanks for reading!

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