Diary of a writing project. Day 165: weird writing mood

it's a time to be writing... well, to be doing anything really, since this kind of global pandemic, not the climate change, of course, the corona-virus, a immediate, visible enemy. strange times, and weirdly enough, very inspiring

In post #164, I talked about slowing down my writing wagon.

Not because I was drained. But because I was overdoing it.

By overdoing it, I mean waking up between 4-5am, and start writing, and doing real-life stuff very, very fast so I could go back to writing, and stopping around 9pm.

Start the FYI: I did write more words, but far from the mythic 10K words a day and such. I write slowly but surely. To write many, many words, I need many, many hours. End the FYI.

Today, I found myself some chores to tackle now rather than later, like going to the grocery store – no panic buy, I live in a small town in Canada, there are supplies, we’re lucky. The goal was to stay away from the laptop, step away from story making and enjoy day-to-day life things.

Biggest fear: ending up be less productive, away from my beloved writing routine.

Maybe because I was so eager to not let that happened, or maybe I was a bit anxious after having listened to the news – people are going intense around here too, to say the least, about the Covid-19 virus contamination.
Can’t help but think about « The Walking Dead », « Van Helsing », « The 100 », and other tv shows like that.

I was glad to go back home and write, because every time a poor person at the grocery store would cough, I would have a « gulp » moment. Is that person back from a trip somewhere, I would ask myself, instead of feeling sympathetic toward the person dealing with a cold. Not very charitable, to say the least.

Maybe for all the reasons above, I really dive into the writing project. And I did enjoy very much the 1990s era I choose to set the action in. Not that it was perfect, far from it. It was just… a tiny bit quieter, I guess.

If I can keep it up tomorrow, I may be able to reach this week’s word count of 7 000. Ambitious for me, slow writer that I am, either I’m working with a detailed outline or not.

Let’s hope for the best. For everybody.

Thanks for reading !

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