Weekly Writing Diary: Where We Move On From Chapter 12 and Away From the Day Job

Day 99 to Day 106

All week, I worked every morning on the revision. And every morning, I remained stuck on a dialog. A three hundred words piece of dialog!

It’s where we get into the fun and games. The dialog works there as a transition between the old life the Main character tries to hang on to and the leap forward to change.

The dialog changed a dozen, if not fifty, if not a hundred times. Very discouraging.

Chapter twelve

From the first draft to the second draft, chapters were erased, others cut in half. Somehow though, the chapter twelve remains… I wanna say troublesome, but it’s more… let’s go for delicate.

It’s the transition, the deep dive. It needs to go smoothly while being fun and thrilling.

Main character is a joyful, daring, brave teenager, slowly getting out of denial after a severe injury, and even more slowly starting to accept she’ll never be Captain of any soccer team no more; she’ll never become a professional soccer player like she always dreamed she would be.

Dear fellow writers, you understand exactly the difficulty. I just know you do !

A week later, I can say I’m seeing the light, at last.

Day job for aspiring author

Why did it take me sooo long to figure out a tiny bit of dialog? Very easy explanation. It was to focus on writing this week because of those many little itchy problems with the day job.
The kind of ridiculous problems that makes you realized you need to gather up your courage, save up a bunch, and go back to being your own boss. Even if, like me, you failed abysmally the first time around!

At first, I thought I was the luckiest person to have found that day job. Part-time, work from home, simple writing-related tasks requiring barely any kind of training. That’s what I was lead to believe anyway. Wrong gamble, poor naive grown-up. Will I ever learn?

In many ways, that terrible day job is great. I found a new motivation to write, the energy and motivation to start a new business.

At normal times, even more during a pandemic, starting a business is hard. Unless it’s an online business in a niche you know well.

I’ll keep you posted, dear fellow writers. Thank you, once more, for taking the time to come along in this crazy writer quest.

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