Weekly Writing Diary: The Old Days

During this pandemic time, many artists and writers admitted to be look bak at the good old days, the times where writers could meet with their readers, musicians meet their public

Day 107 to Day 113

Are you like that too, dear fellow writers?

When a big birthday is coming up, like it or not, you get into bucket list and life goals check mode. And you do the same for your characters!

From the writer point of view

Many people are looking back at the good olds days since the pandemic hit us.
Apart for gifting me with a new, acute dystopian-kinda-sense of doom, the pandemic of 2020 did not make me nostalgic for the past.

With writings projects taking place in the 1970’s, another one in the early 1990’s and one taking place in the early 2000’s, it’s easy to guess I was already there!

I like the pre-social media era, even the pre-internet era. Indeed, in between the many levels of the Hell kingdom internet has become, we can find useful stuff (like our author platforms, fellow writers!). But the hatred. The disenchantment. The lost love for truth.

From a writer point of view, pre-internet has many advantages, plot wise. The protagonists in the story have to go the extra-mile, so to speak, and make things happens.

They have to pick up the phone, pick up their legs. They have to get out of the house and try to go back to how things were or try to fly away, as far as they can, from their past.

« Ask questions, get dirty, make mistakes », as a certain beloved character from a 1990’s animated tv show would say.

A writer’s life goal list

On my bucket list, there’s a few things. Not much. Travel, own a little christmas tree farm.
On my life goals list, there’s but one thing left. You guessed it, dear fellow writers, earn a living writing novels!

As always, I better stop talking about it and get back to work.

I dearly hope you’re safe, healthy, and surrounded by beings you love, dear fellow writers, and I hope everything is fine where you live.
In any case, I’m sending big positive vibes. There’s not enough of those riding the north-american fall winds these days.

Auteur : Marie Alice

Writing away and reading books. Joy! Écrire à tout vent et lire des romans. Joie!

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