If You Could Hang Out in a Novel

If I could hang out in a novel these days, I'm not sure which one I would like best

November is here. The Holidays are just around the corner.

It means there’s a lot of things to do. I’m the kind of mama who wants to have everything ready to go on December 1st, so I can spend the rest of the month eating the advent chocolate and work on my always awaiting writing projects.

Still, I just wanna pour myself a good mug of tea, read novels and stay in my pj all day (which is kinda of what I always do, but whatever).

After all, I’m behind with my Goodreads challenge, which is to read a new book every week. I’m about 11 books behind.
It just makes sense for me to stop working on the writing projects, stop working on my business blog plan, and read full-time, right?

Rest assure, a never ending list of to-do’s is keeping me from giving in.

Not only do I have less time than ever to read in November, but all I really want to do is re-read some of my favourites novels…

If you could hang out in a novel, dear fellow writers, which one would you pick?

If I Feel Like Walking…

Way back then, young adult novels were not a thing. There it was: literature for youngsters and literature for adults.

I studied literature at university. For school, I read classics and many novels I would not have picked up otherwise. It was great, although I could never reading finished Proust nor Dostoïevski.

In my spare time, even if it was considered weird to do so among the grown-ups attending literature classes, I would read what I’ve always read: fantasy novels, murder mystery, adventures, for adults yes, but mostly middle-grade.

These days, it feels a bit like I’m back at school. I’m learning a ton about new things, I’m trying to improve my skills. And I’m trying to resist the need to go visit old friends.
That’s what we love about going back to our favorites books, isn’t it? It’s like visiting long-time-no-see friends or walk to beautiful places we’re happy to see again (despite the many dangers awaiting !).

Novels I wish to re-read almost every November

In my little corner of the world, November is rather colourless.

If we’re lucky, snow will brighten the browns, greys and palish yellows the fading fall season is leaving behind.

Otherwise, it rains a lot, making it hard to enjoy the outdoor, or not feeling a bit blue indoors.

Ergo, the absolute best time of the year to get lost in a good novel !

  • The Secret Garden: Somehow, when it gets cold, and the skies are grey, I’m often thinking about that novel. Sometimes, like this year, I’ll even re-read it. For it’s full of beauty, love and magic. Something that, right now, outside our houses, the world seemed emptied of.
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: It’s still the greatest of comfort to get through the King Cross Station brick wall, and off to Hogwart’s.
  • Lord of the Rings: I can’t tell you how often I went back walking from the door of Bag Ends, out of the Shire, and on with adventures. Or the number of times I wished I was a Hobbit.
  • Howl’s Moving Castle: The clear skies surrounding Howl’s moving castle are so beautiful. Even more so when one follows a cursed Sophie in her quest to get rid of the spell. Evil witch, enchanted dog, a door that leads to four different places… what’s not to love !
  • Evil Under the Sun: Or any other Hercule Poirot novels from the 1920’s to the late 1930’s can do the tricks. I love going back to those novels when its getting closer to the holiday times. And guess what… !
  • Persuasion: It’s hard to choose your favorite Jane Austen novel, but it’s true I rarely go back to Mansfield Park or Northanger Abbey. To Captain Wentworth however…

Hanging out in a novel… or a manuscript

The thing with revision is you have to hang out at the same place for a while. Sometimes a really long while. And, for me anyway, it gets boring.

Because one of my favorite parts of writing is to see what will happen next!

Revision is more about making everything works so that the reader will also want to know what’s coming up next. It’s a lot of work. Fun-but kind of work, you know.

In order to not burn myself out like last year, I might just do that this week : go hang out in a novel.

Dear fellow writers, may all the good words be with you!

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