Writing in November

In November, frost covers the fallen leaves and sparks my writer imagination. While we play in the leaves with the kids, while we look at the world gently falling asleep under a blanket of gentle frost, it's soon gonna be time for hot chocolate, a fuzzy blanket and some stories to tell

For some writers living somewhere in the North of America, it can be sort of a challenge to write during the November days.

We may have come up with the best schedule in the world, no amount of planning or inspiration quotes would make us come out of bed on some dark cold mornings or fight the urge to go to bed as soon as the workday/family evening routine is done.

Isn’t it why NaNoWriMo happens in November? To challenge writers into writing 50 000 words within a month despite the light growing thin and the inner motivation growing even thinner?

It will mean sticking to a plan, making sacrifices, and fighting sleep with all possible means, for most of the challengers anyway.

Yours truly is one of those trying to ignore the soft call of warm blankets. Because this November, I psych myself up to do only one thing: get back to my early morning writing routine.

With one super-duper non-negociable condition.

Writer, Know Tyself

Yep, I said it before, I’ll say it again.

When I finally stopped doing things like other (all more successful, let’s be real here) authors and listen to my own rhythm, writing things started to get better.

One of the best writing exercises I ever did was finding out when is my best writing time was. And for me, well, it does depend on the seasons! (I’m not gonna go weird nature cult here, dear fellow writers, I promise.)

I simply mean that I’ve learned – and accepted- I’m not the kind of writer who’s able to write 2000 words a day, 5 days a week, comes rain, comes shine, comes winter, comes summer.

When fall knocks at our door again, that’s when I feel the most like I could write all day, all night. Well, more or less!

Maybe it got something with the colours in the trees, the cool weather, but I feel more energic, more productive, more – I’ll say it even if it is close to being a condemnable idea when one dreams of making money writing books – inspired. Especially in the morning, sooo, here’s why I’m trying to get back into an early morning writing routine.

Been There, Done That, Not Doing That Again

That being said, November is when we get back to normal time again here in the north. Therefore, getting up while the stars are still twinkling, breathtaking and bright, becomes even more of a challenge.

Here comes my super-duper non-negotiable condition I imposed on myself before starting the challenge: if I feel utterly tired, I get back to sleep. If I can’t, ok I get up but otherwise, I get my rest.

I’m a mama with a never-ending to-list and a hubby-to-be working near 14 hours a day.

There’s no point in getting myself on the verge of a mental breakdown just for the sake of keeping it up with a writing routine. It’s not making a less dedicated writer if I sleep past 4 am two or three times a week.
I’ll get those words later on. It’s ok.

I know, it seems simple but it took me so-so-soooo long to make peace with the whole « this what you should be doing to be a best-seller author » gig, I wanted to share.
Just in case it could be useful.
Just in case I’m not alone trying to do my best while feeling other writers are better, more successful, alouette as we say in French!

Dear fellow writers, until next time, I wish you all the good words!

Auteur : Marie Alice

Writing away and reading books. Joy! Écrire à tout vent et lire des romans. Joie!

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  1. We all have our paths to discover, especially as writers. I myself am far from disciplined, but I try to write every day. I guess that comes with the territory of writing for a living. Anyway, Wishing you all the best with your own journey, and thanks for this post!


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