Writing Adventures Day 10: Writing& Reading Novels is a Life Saver

Thanks to all the novel writers and poets and lovers of stories all around the world !

In at 11am.
Out at 6pm.

Sat only once.
I’ll let you figure out where.

Back home sweet home, drama over a beloved tv occurred.
Yesterday’s wonderfully sweet and heartwarming greeting became a memory.

Drained is about the best to describe how my heart, body and soul felt a few minutes ago while I kissed kiddo goodnight, hubby-to-be already back at work.

Then, I got comfy and opened the laptop. First thing I did was read the last paragraph I wrote before the sun rose.

Words. Words from my wanna-be novel on the page.
A tiny little bit of a story far away from the fun but still a bit mind-numbing day job I just started.

Novels, fellow writers.


Close to nothing is better than writing or reading a novel.

It’s a lifesaver.
A way to dream, escape, discover and travel far away or understand better a reality close to yours, close to the human beings we mingle with every day without thinking twice about the vast majority of them.
A way to look at a different reality through a character or another author’s mind.
A way to connect to what it intrinsically means to be alive in this world filled with beauties and wonders and black-capped chickadees chirping around the tall blue spruce.

That’s why, for me, writing and reading is a lifesaver.

Thanks for writing your poems, your short stories, your blog posts, and your novels.
Many more thanks for sharing them.

I owe you laughter and wonder.

Auteur : Marie Alice

Writing away and reading books. Joy! Écrire à tout vent et lire des romans. Joie!

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