Writing Adventures Day 15: One Sentence Here and There

Drama in the Writing Adventures Series!

(About time you might add. I don’t blame you. For no bump in the writing, road happened so far. Except for the day job. Buuut, enough about it)

It was picture day at school.

WHAT !?!
CALL A PRODUCER ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll admit. It’s not that dramatic.

Except for the fact I kinda forgot about it.

And since I got up an hour later than usual, thinking I had time to make up for all the writing time spent looking out the window last Saturday, the morning got hectic.

No way I was to just shut down the computer and come back to it later.

Like a normal, responsible mama.


That’s why my friend the laptop spent some time:
On top of the microwave (not the first time, but still);
Near the sink in the bathroom (DON’T DO THAT, I got so scared when two drops of water landed THIS close to the keyboard. Dear. Heart still pounding.);
And on kiddo’s bed (a dangerous experiment I don’t care to repeat anytime soon.)

All that for the sake of writing a sentence here and there!

The alarm clock is set and ready for tomorrow. I’m not gonna through those stressful times again… well, this week anyway.

Take good care of yourself, dear fellow writer, and happy writing.

Auteur : Marie Alice

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