Day 51: To Poets, Eternal Thanks

In the past few weeks, it’s been a challenge to even find the energy to turn on the laptop in the evening.

A challenge to take the time to read the great work of my fellow writers-bloggers-book-reviewers.

To find enough words, and then find the strength to write them down into a coherent and hopefully funny blog post had become… hard.

Luckily, I’ve got old tips and tricks, plus a new one: poetry.

I’m no poet. The rare attempts at writing poetry I made over the years are proof enough.

However, I love reading the words of poets.

Poets of the past. Poets of the now.

In the words of poets, I find peace, beauty and dreams.
I find lights through rather grey retail work days.

And I find the motivation to keep writing.

To Poets of the world, eternal thanks!

Auteur : Marie Alice

Writing away and reading books. Joy! Écrire à tout vent et lire des romans. Joie!

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