Day 129: Feeding the Imagination… One Class at A Time!

It’s a well-known idea in the Writing Community.

While taking a break from writing – which I won’t do since the Holidays rhythmed kind of imposed a writing break and I’m just-just-just starting to get my writing mojo back – we go all in!

We make the biggest dive possible into the ever-growing pile of novels to read.

We watch all those recommended movies and tv shows friends or family members recommended, even if we’re more or less into it, just to widen our horizons.

Same for plays or concerts – if we can afford it, or have time to attend.

The latest is my biggest challenge: time.

I still have a full-time consuming day job, a kiddo at school and a busy hubby-to-be who needs support in order to be able to work.

The evening, which used to be « !!!wouhou Great Writing Time, wouhou!!! », is now unwinding-and-fall-asleep-watching-a-cooking-show time.
« boohoo ».

And… I sense a litlle doubt on the other side of the screen, dear fellow writers.

« She have no time », you think, « and yet, she’s going back to University??? ».

It seems weird, but it is vital for me and the wellness of my writing mojo to do something with a real out-of-my-brain deadline.

I need the extra-motivation to widden my horizon, to get out there and mingle with new ideas, news books, new voices, or old ideas-books-voices I knew nothing about !

Yes, investing actual money to feed the imagination is a great way to fire things up! (Talk about it with the people behind MasterClass and cie, hé, hé, hé…!).

Dear fellow writers, you may not believe it, but yeah, I can’t wait to do homework again!

Until next time, take care of yourself, for real, and may all the good words be with you.

Day 88: The Wrong Day Job for Wanna-Be-Published Writers


It happens.

Fooling oneself for various reasons also happens.

I tend to be sort of an expert on the latter!!!!! If you have been kind enough to hang around this little writing blog of mine, you already know.

(and maybe you’re sighting in disbelief right now; what!?! there again?)

More than often, I’ve been fooling myself in order to do something I wholeheartedly do not wanna do but have to do anyway for adult reasons.

Going back to work retail wasn’t a mistake. Not at all. Kiddo needs food, clothes, and presents for Christmas. You know, little things like that.

On the other end… Fooling myself in believing I would not care a second about the people I would work with was, indeed, a mistake.

That, and thinking retail-related things would be pretty much the same as they were a decade or so ago.

Wrong, wrong, oh so wrong.

The pandemic, like it or not, changed a big whole lot. Not, perhaps, within the very old fashion company I work for.

But within people, very much so. Very much so indeed.

I work with very nice people, 98% women, most of the time in their old 50’s or 60’s, loads of single moms and twenty-something trying to figure things out about their future while selling things.

We earn little money for very physical, tiring, polluting, and overall meaningless work.

Three months working for a kitchen appliance retail chain and I’m appalled by the discrimination and conditions we have to deal with.

Every day drains more energy, and more imagination out of me.

Every day brings a little more bitterness, a little frustration.

Every evening and night, I can’t get the day job stuff out of my brain.

Those are signs, clearer than clear, that I picked the wrong day job for my writing and blogging career goals.

Now, time to find a day job that comes with lower stress levels, and much less hours.

Will 2023 find me working in the book world again? For sure.

That being said and settled, it’s gonna be hard leaving behind the women I’ve met.

Yet, it can’t be helped. The big writing plan, not to talk about my mental health, is in jeopardy.

Thanks for being here.

May all the good words flow your way!

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