Writing Under So Many Stars

Such a marvellous sight!

It’s almost Christmas Eve. A few days need to go by, but we’re almost there.

This year, hubby-to-be, kiddo and I chose a different place to celebrate the North American Holidays season.

From Christmas to almost New Year’s Eve, we settled down in a little cozy, sparkling with wonderful art cabin, just a sigh away from the St Lawrence River, nearby a little village on Ile d’Orléans.

When I first started to write this post, no moon shined on the ice crackling on the shore.

However, stars did. So many stars, so bright in the frigid minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Such a marvellous sight, dear fellow writers, not only did I feel the need to share, but it made me wonder about the power of travelling and its impact on my creative writing quest.

For nowadays, technology obliging, writers can do such in-depth researches that travelling to physically experience the weather, the atmosphere, the sounds, the decor, the smells of any destination seems almost like a burden.

However, here I am, dear fellow writers, listening to the ice pilling up on the shore so close to the cabin. Crackling crack crack criiick. A big cargo boat is slowly going down in what’s left of free water.

And a little « what if… » starts to dance in my mind.

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How to Make the Words Work?

Words are just up there in our minds, minding their own word business. An infinity of possibilities swirling around in our human brain.

Are they asking to be great, wonderful, mind-blowing? Breath-taking, mysterious, sublime? Nope!

They simply are. But they don’t know that.

For words, and the other words surrounding them, words are just words. A series of signs put one after the other.

The sole business of a writer is to choose those words in order to tell a story.




« Then why the words don’t work anymore », cries the exhausted mama writer.

Bright Sunshine, Yummy Prose

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Writing for Young Readers: How to Stay in Touch When You’re all Grown-Up (yeah, i know, i don’t know how that happened either)

On my way home for lunch, I saw a bunch of teenagers, masks on, walking back to school in small groups.

They’re lucky to go to school.

They weren’t sure about that a year ago, when this all started. Now they are.

Tears suddenly tickled my eyes.

Such a small thing, depriving those youngsters of living their dreams of being actors, musicians, scientists, athletes.

The thought occur to me many times before, especially when I stopped being a book clerk specializing in children literature (back then, I was in contact with kids, teachers, librarians (it was so much fun !) and I was able to get a sense of what was going on nowadays), but is now more preponderant: how to stay in touch with your target readers when you’re a grown-up.

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