Exhaustion VS Creative Writing​: Whom Shall Win?

Parents, at one point or another, we have all been there.

It’s 1:30 am and kiddo wakes up, claiming its morning already. Therefore, said kiddo refuses straight up to go back to sleep.

Now, at 1:30am, I cannot muster the strength to be neither patient, calm, collected. It just not happening.

When something or someone wakes me up, I’m instantly on nasty mode. And oh! dear fellow writers, was I nasty to that young innocent soul.

So much so that – guess what? Yep, I couldn’t sleep at all. Just what my unkind-nasty reaction and I deserves, I taught.

Around 4:30am, exhaustion got the best of me. But not for long. No more than half-an-hour later, kiddo woke up. For good this time.

Writing Goals VS Reality

On paper, writings goals always sounds do-able. We’re energized, ready to tackle the words by the ten of thousands. Nothing can stop us.

Except, maybe, reality.

I am but the luckiest mama, since I’m able to work part-time and put many hours into what makes my heart truly sings with joy, what makes me feel like I’m at the right place, doing what I’m supposed to do: write.

Nevertheless, when sleepless nights accompanied by guilt / endless questioning my abilities as a parent occurs, it’s a real challenge to go about the workday, let alone meet the daily creative-writing goal.

As daylight shines and goes, my mood will vary from tired to sad to almost depressed.

Inevitably, the writing will reflect that mood. All of a sudden, a full of drive character might just curl in bed and cry over the sad part of is backstory.

No point in spending time writing something I will erase tomorrow, or that could damaged my writing motivation.

Better off putting the pen down… and let exhaustion win?




I dunno, I’m too tired to decided.

Whom Shall Win?

Between exhaustion and creative writing, who then will win?


Today, neither will triumph.

I’ll have to content myself with this blog post, which still took me almost one full hour to put together (geez, is it bedtime already?)

And let’s look at the bright side: since I’ll probably be asleep by 8pm tonight, I’ll get plenty of rest and I’ll be writing-ready to beat my daily writing goal.

Or so I hope.

Thank you so much for reading. Until next time, may all the good words (and the good nights of sleep) be with you, fellow writers, with a special wink and smile to all the mamas, papas and non-binary parents out there.

The Year of Twilight Dreams

Already, by the end of January 2020, I started to think it was a bit odd. All the dreams I had and could remember, all of them were in darkness.

No nightmares or anything like that. The usual dreams, full of action, weirdness – in short, full of writing inspiration.

But no sunlight, no bright skies. Just darkness and night time, just gloomy foggy dark blue and dark green lights.

As I am writing this post, the terrible-incredible in many ways year 2020 is coming to an end. It’s dawn. At last, some snow decided to stay.

In last night’s dream, the one I can remember anyway, the light was a dull greenish pale light. A shopping mall had been transformed into a medical clinic (I dearly hope it’s not a premonition). An old man could not close is widely broken jaws. Long strings of saliva hanging from his mouth, and where it touched the tired brown floor tiles, strawberry gummies pop out.

Like I said, it’s gloomy and dark, but very rarely scary.

Here’s my question to myself now: where’s the light?

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The Phantasmagorical Revision Retreat

Just a bit of time and a lot nothing else to-do-but.

That’s just what I need to finish revising the YA paranormal project.

Picture it: a comfortable cabin lost in the wood, close to a small quiet lake, surrounded by soft hills covered in a blanket of trees.

A soft, fluffy snowfall. A fire burning (with ecological logs; every little step counts!). A tiny desk set just beside a window with a view of the peaceful scenery. Me, revising away in my natural habitat, that is to say, my pajamas.

Have you noticed? Yep, that’s right. There’s no chores, no day job and, cherry on this phantasmagorical sundae, I’m alone!

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