Creating a Writing Nook

When it comes to home decorating, or in this case, writing nook decorating, imagination and creativity quite escapes me. Or I decorated with almost the exact same things I saw on the pictures I like
I abandoned the project, make small not useful changes and keep on working.

The knee went first.

Then the back.

When I started to have pains in my arms, I very unwillingly decided to tackle the problem : my working space.

The chair, the desk, the barely existant and non-functional storage needed a good clean-up and a good organizing session.

Therefore, I did what everybody does in that kind of situation: I started working on the couch.

Of course, that didn’t last and before long, I was searching the infinite realm of beautiful possibilities that is Pinterest.

I will not share any before-after pictures or anything like that.
Fair warning.

This is a writer’s blog after all!

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