Book of the week: Art Matters

I kept re-reading it, going back to it, quoting from it. 

Welcome, dear book lovers !

This week, the book I want to talk about simply shook me from top to bottom. It’s a book that should be shared among all humans creature on Earth.

Let’s ear it for Art Matters.

Art Matters, by Neil Gaiman

You probably know about it already. If not, I am sooo thrilled to introduce you to it.

Not only is it a masterpiece, but it’s also written by our own living semi-god-legend-writer Neil Gaiman.

A tat over-dramatic ? Not in the least, or you will not think so after reading Art Matters.


The book contains four essays, all written by Gaiman over the past few years. Put together, those essays creates a soulful book about how art, more than ever before, now that we leave in a world polluted by many scary things, from plastic to propaganda.

First published in the New Statesman in 2015, the first essay, Credo, made me tear up. It’s about the incredible power of ideas, on how precious they are, on how killing people with ideas don’t kill the ideas.
If only to have your kids, your friends, your people you don’t like read this essay, buy the book.

Make Good Art, published in 2012, stuck with me the most. I kept re-reading it, going back to it, quoting from it.

It is a the real kick in the butt, in the soul more so, that you need to stop whining, to stop finding excuses and actually make. good. art. Gaiman is serious about this, and he left me darn serious about it too.

Book love

Maybe I should’ve mentioned it at first. This it not a good book/bad book review kind of thing.

It’s a « I love this book » kind of deal. Simple as that. I swear, it will be interesting, so do stick around for more.

So… I loved Art Matters, because:

  • Great stories, great writing, great advice on writing
  • Much needed pep talk about why YOUR art matters
  • Your imagination (and mine) can change the world

Late disclosure, but there it is anyway: I am not paid to talk about this book. Those are my honest-to-heaven-and-so-on opinions.

You can get Art Matters there (I am not paid by bookstores either):

Barnes & Noble

Local bookshops in UK

I also found a Art Matters live video on the Headline Books Youtube channel.

Enjoy !

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