1 tip and no pain to ease your way back into your writing routine

The first week back to work, I completely forgot about that good old tip of mine, which I feel like is probably everybody’s tip to ease their way back to work.


Summer vacations are over. Definitely over.

Work is back. Dozen of emails, yet zero prospect. Translation: oh-so-much things to do, oh-so-much queries to send.

Plus, we’re surrounded by the buzzing sound of debut novels. When I was working in the bookstore business, I was looking forward to that time of the year.

Now, I find the amount of debut novels… well, overwhelming to say the least. How on earth my novel, if it ever get traditionally published, or self-published even, will do out and about among so many new titles, so many many, goods books?

With that in mind, getting back to my writing routine was surprisingly difficult. Creative writing is my refuge, my comfort zone. And yet, words were lost and AuthorTube videos over-consumed.

Nothing that a good tip, tested many times, couldn’t fix thought!

Same spot, same time, but with a twist

I love a good work routine.

Precision: I love my work routine. I need to decide the « when’s » of my day. When to eat, when to take a break, when to query clients, etc…

Put me in any kind of desk job 9 to 5, with judgy co-workers and a snobby boss, and you’ll soon see me turned into a yelling-disgusted-with-human-kind monster, who always reads during her lunch hour, keep as much as possible to itself and always, always, always skip the Xmas party.

Nevertheless, going back to a work routine can be challenging, especially you are as lazy as I am and there’s a ton of revision, editing, re-writing to be done before being able to move on to the new exciting writing project.

Therefore, before even starting to work, I would treat myself with a « not every day because a bit expansive tea ». Or I would buy a new book before starting to work. Or I would get myself a real good Monday-doesn’t-have-to-be-horrible breakfast. Or, you get the idea!

Funny enough, the first week back to work, I completely forgot that I used to do that: rewarding myself with stuff that I love.

This Monday, my pre-reward for finishing writing an article for this blog, which I have been procrastinating with for weeks, was a big bowl of frozen yogurt, swimming in a sea of fudge and brownies bits.

Just one big bowl.

I swear.

Until next time!

PS.: A little ko-fi goes a long way. Thanks a million!

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