Wouh, that’s a cool writing tip. Thanks toddler!

Just wanted to share a quick, cool writing tip have been trying out this week.

It’s nothing new under the sun. In fact, I think I may have heard something similar, back in my college days.

Here’s the writing tip: stop writing while you’re still having fun writing. Even if it means stopping in the middle of a sentence!

The same principle can be applied to a toddler game: stop playing the game before the toddler gets bored with it – trust me and millions of parents on this one.

Sure, there will be some « oh, but I really want to keep going » or some « but I am so close from the word count goal of the day ».

Nevertheless, I swear, it works.

I am looking forward for the next writing session. Plus, it gives me time to brainstorm the scene I left behind or the chapter I’m about to get into.

Not saying I will do this every time, because deadlines, but I will certainly use it whenever I can.

Until next time !

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